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Complete DNS Management

Our powerful DNS management offer you control of every level of your domain names.

Powerful DNS management for your domain name registrations

We take DNS management to another level and offer you complete DNS zone management for free with your domain name registrations. Manage everything from A Records and AAAA Records, all the way through TXT and SRV records. Easily set up subdomains, emails address, web forwarding and more. Forward to IP Addresses, mail servers, other domains or servers, all within a few simple steps. Plus with bulk DNS zone tools such as DNS Templates, you can apply DNS zones to your managed domains in an instant. Our advanced live DNS control panel is fully supported and lets you manage your domains with full flexibility. Register or transfer in your domain names and try our DNS configuration tools out today.

  • Create and apply templates for quick DNS configuration on your domains.
  • Configure DNS quickly and easily, including TTL (Time to Live) settings.
  • Set Wildcards and root records easily to ensure you catch all traffic to your domain names.
  • Powerful DNS management for your domain name registrations