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Create voicemail mailboxes for individuals or teams of users.

Multi-User, Modern Voicemail for Businesses

Complement your conditional call forwarding with custom voice-mailboxes. When your business is busy and you can't get off the phone, it can be a great advantage if you have a robust business voicemail setup to handle any overflow calls or after-hours phone enquiries.

With numerous time saving voicemail features such as rapid email notification with voicemail-to-text transcription, our hosted VoIP system will provide your callers with a pleasant experience while helping you save time and money. As an added bonus, it will ensure you needn’t worry about missing a lead in situations where you might not be reachable.

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Create Voicemail Mailboxes for Individual Users or Teams

As a customer, you’re free to create and configure as many voice-mailboxes as you like. Not only are these simple to create but, with our modular call routing UI, it’s easy to implement them in your business’ phone system.

With us as your VoIP provider, the only limit to your phone system’s capabilities is your imagination. Create voice-mailboxes for every user in your staff as well as group mailboxes for teams or departments as your business’ existing structure dictates.

Set Voice-mailbox Permissions and Notifications by User

At we understand that security is important, even within your own company. This is why we allow account holders and administrators granular control over voice-mailbox permissions. This means, even on a user-by-user basis, you can control who has access to which voice-mailboxes. As a result, only members of staff with the appropriate internal authority will be privy to, or have control over, the voicemails your company receives.

This allows for easy breakdown of permissions by department or office on the macro scale, while on the smaller scale you can create voice-mailboxes for every member of staff likely to be taking inbound calls.

When it comes to listening to accessing voice-mailboxes over the phone, too, you can set a four-character password for any mailbox you wish to restrict access to.

Multiple Easy Access Voicemail Options and Notifications

If you need notifications and immediate receipt of all of your voicemail messages, you can set up email alerts to be sent to one or more inboxes of your choosing. This way, multiple members of staff can be alerted to new voicemail messages as they’re received, or you can receive alerts to both work and personal email addresses ensuring you never miss an important lead whilst you’re away from your desk.

Those with the appropriate permissions will also be able to listen to or download voicemail messages from the dashboard at any time, so you don’t need to be in the office or near your VoIP desk phone in order to listen to your messages. On the train, at home or on the beach, your business’ phone system is always ready to go with

For those who use our VoIP apps, or for those times you’re in the office, you’ll be able to easily access your voicemail messages at any time. Just dial your chosen extension for a voice-mailbox and listen to all your existing voicemail messages over the phone.

In additional to all of the aforementioned configuration options, you even have control over facets like whether or not your mailbox plays the ‘beep’ when a caller is put through to it; whether or not it will read you out the caller ID of whomever left the message; even whether or not you want our voicemail to text engine to transcribe your voicemail for you, saving you and your admin team precious time, so you can get back to the work that really benefits your business.

Create voicemail mailboxes for individual users or teams.
Set individual mailbox permissions and notifications for different users.
Voicemail notifications sent instantly by email as attachments or retrieve messages from user Dashboard.

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