Call Forwarding Assurance

Full control over acceptance of forwarded calls.

Call Assurance allows you to positively accept forwarded calls to any alternate phone number with the press of a button. If you regularly receive lots of calls forwarded to your mobile phone or personal phone, you can choose which calls to accept and ensure that you never accidentally answer a business call as a personal call again. Additionally, with Call Assurance you can receive peace of mind that inbound callers will never mistakenly be met with a mobile phone voicemail when trying to get through to your business. Easily pick the destination phone number for forwarded calls and set your ideal ring duration before the seamless transition to the next leg of your custom call route. Start using our VoIP phone system and try our amazing call handling features today.

Choose Which Forwarded Calls to Accept

Choosing to forward a call to your personal device is as easy as typing your phone number into the recipient field of your ‘send call to external’ module in your call route. By checking the ‘confirm forwarded calls’ box at the bottom of the module, you’ll be asked to ‘press any button to accept the call’ when picking up a call that has been routed through your call route.

This message has the advantage of alerting you to the fact that this is a business call whilst simultaneously giving you a chance to think again whether now is the right time to accept. You’ll always be able to call back later from the VoIP apps if you wish.

Easily Set Time-out Durations for Forwarded Calls.

When accepting calls, you’ll also have control over how long you’re given to confirm the call after picking up and before the call route is progressed. Again, this is as easy as typing the number of seconds you wish to have to accept the call into the field in the call route module.

Longer time-out durations will be handy if you often accept calls over Bluetooth in the car where there can be a slight delay, or if you’d like some time at a quick attempt at recognising the caller ID before picking up.

By contrast, shorter time-out delays can be useful when you know business calls will only forward to your mobile as a failover if there’s a problem with your business’ hardware phones. If all you need is to hear the announcement to know that it’s a forwarded business call and you’re ready to pick up, then there’s no need for a longer time out delay, saving the customer time on those rare occasions where you’re not ready to take their call.

Callers Enjoy Smooth Transitions Through Your Business’ Call Routes

Whilst you enjoy all of this magic behind the scenes, the person who’s calling won’t know the difference. As they’re passed from one stage of your call route to the next, the phone will just carry on ringing without interruption, so you can have the confidence to create call routes as complex as your business demands, safe in the knowledge that your caller is happily experiencing just what they’d expect.

What’s more, they’ll receive no signal that you’ve picked up the call and are choosing whether or not to accept it. If you decline or allow the call affirmation to time out, they’ll just be carried through to the next stage of the call route, whether that’s a voice-mailbox or the phone of your personal assistant.

Altogether, features like’s call assurance option empower businesses with more ways to make sure their customers and clients are heard and served. With more ways than ever before to strengthen existing business relationships, forge new ones and to capture leads that, without such powerful business VoIP features might have been lost, the VoIP phone system is here to help your business flourish.

Choose which forwarded calls you want to accept.
Easily set time-out durations for forwarded calls.
Callers enjoy smooth transitions through call routes.

Are you ready to take your business communications to the next level?