Business Phone System - Caller ID Routing

Effortlessly route inbound calls based on Caller ID.

Our Caller ID routing feature allows you to distribute incoming calls using rules you create.

Handle calls from important clients, frequent callers or even internal staff, and auto-divert them to specific destinations or outcomes.

Caller ID Routing detects the inbound Caller ID and deals with these calls based on the specifications you set. Members of staff calling your business number can automatically skip your IVR Call Menu and be directed straight to the Reception desk. For VIP customers, this feature can instantly connect calls to dedicated attendants who can provide specialised assistance. Additionally, with powerful auto-blocking options, unwanted anonymous calls are also a thing of the past.

As part of your phone system, our Caller ID feature works on all your devices from smartphones through to desk phones and all without the need for specialist hardware. Combine this feature with Call Queues and IVR Call Menus to ensure that your callers receive a positive experience, cutting down on lengthy hold times while increasing efficiency and productivity for your staff. Compare our business phone system plans, or sample our features via our free trial today.

Divert incoming calls to different destinations based on their Caller ID.
Easily create rules based on area code, complete number and more.
Detect and block anonymous or nuisance calls without any hassle.

Are you ready to take your business communications to the next level?