Call Forwarding

Route inbound calls to multiple destinations, features and extensions with smart call routing.

What is Call Forwarding?

Call forwarding pushes a call onto another internal user, group of users, or phone number the moment it’s received. You can set up conditional call forwarding in a few clicks to send calls to different departments or extensions and to any device, wherever it may be.

Forwarding incoming calls, whether to personal or business phone numbers, is easy with our business phone service. Dragging a single module into your call flow from our call route creation panel and entering the number to forward to is all it takes.

Use call forwarding to push calls on from your business number to a personal one outside of office hours, for example, or set up an automatic forward on a DDI when that person is away on annual leave.

Benefits of Call Forwarding

Route inbound calls to multiple destinations, including any number of users and extensions.
Forward incoming calls to other personal or business phone numbers.
Manage enquiries intelligently with out-of-hours forwarding.

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