Business Phone Systems - Dial By Extension

Allow your callers to get straight through to the extension they want with Dial By Extension.

Our cloud phone system enables your callers to directly reach the person or department they want by dialing their dedicated extension number, even if they’re not themselves a SIP user on your phone system. With’s Dial By Extension feature, callers just need to call your primary business phone number, then input the user extension they need when prompted. With the option to create extensions for both single users and groups, it’s possible to create a smooth and efficient experience for your callers. Assign audio prompts for those calling, set the calling tone the caller hears and even set maximum ring durations if the extension is busy or not available; it’s all possible with this Dial By Extension feature.

Create Extensions For Single Users And Groups

Extensions can not only be created for single users, but also for groups of staff members or even entire departments. This makes it easy for internal and external callers to contact the department, individual or group of individuals best posed to handle their query, making for an efficient and pleasant caller experience.

You can make dial-by-extension available to your callers through our intuitive, modular call routing interface. Simply drag and drop the module into your call route and you’ll be granted detailed control over the call experience for both the caller and the agent answering. Play the caller a custom audio message to prompt them to input the extension; change the dialling tone as an indication that the caller is coming through to a different department or user; even whisper an informative message directly to the agent answering the call.

Dial Straight Through To a SIP User By Extension

Highly valued customers often deserve special treatment to reflect the status they’ve earned with your company. Giving these customers direct-dial extensions can be a heart-warming way to show them how much you value their custom. Not only does this make it more convenient for a customer to get straight through to the person or department they’re looking to speak to, but it also gives them the validation of being able to bypass any call queue, IVR menu or other more time-consuming mode of entry. If you want to ensure that certain customers stay on board with you for many years to come, dial-by-extension is one business phone system feature you can use to your advantage.

Control Call Routing Outcomes For Busy And Unavailable Extensions’s dial by extension call route module gives account administrators control over the flow of the call route in the event of an invalid extension being dialled; no answer by the other side; or a time-out of this section of the call route. Selecting one of these options creates a new fork in the call route, so you can determine for yourself and your callers how their experience unfolds. You’ll even have control over the ring-time and entry timeout in seconds, meaning your callers never have to wait for an answer for longer than you think is appropriate.

If you’d like to have this level of control over your own business phone system, come on board with today. You can compare our voice plans if you’re ready to get started right away, or sign up for a fourteen day, free VoIP trial for a no-risk, hands-on experience of these and many more great business VoIP features.

Create extensions for single users or groups and departments.
Give your callers the option to dial straight through to the user or extension that they need.
Choose what happens when extensions are busy or unavailable.

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