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Use Any VoIP Hardware

Use the VoIP phone or hardware that you want to with our VoIP phone system.

We don't lock you down to a single VoIP phone model or brand, so you can use the hardware that you and your team prefer with our service. So whether your team prefers VoIP phones sitting on their desks, DECT phones in the warehouse or calls delivered straight to their mobile device, we've got you covered. Our VoIP phone system isn't limited to just phones either, with full compatibility with door intercoms and more, you’re free to mix and match devices within your cloud phone system so you can enjoy a service that's flexible, easy to use and allows you to work the way you want.

Freedom for your business; your phone system; your devices.

To us, VoIP is all about flexibility and versatility. We pride ourselves on providing a business VoIP solution with no limits, so why should we restrict you when it comes to the devices you use?

Whether you prefer Grandstream, Yealink or Cisco phones, or any other model or brand of VoIP phone, you’ll be able to use them with the Yay.com platform. We even provide backward compatibility with your on-site PBX through our SIP trunking service and even email to fax features for you to continue your communications with companies that prefer to use more traditional hardware.

What’s more, we’ve even developed best-in-class VoIP apps for you to use if you’d like to do away completely with the costs of acquiring and maintaining a fleet of VoIP phones for your staff. Just have your staff members download our VoIP apps onto their mobile or desktop devices, log in and they’ll be ready to start making and taking their business calls.

A Business Phone System Compatible With All Your VoIP Hardware.

Any VoIP hardware can be used with our service because we’re here to boost your team to new levels of productivity and collaboration. If you prefer to use on-site hardware like your existing on-premises PBX, you can choose to use Yay.com as your call carrier and benefit from the great outbound call costs and free inbound calls.

Just have your IT teams set up a SIP trunk with us and we’ll power all of your calls. Your team will maintain full control over your phone system and can continue to manage it in the way they’re used to. If you have a business that exists across multiple sites, you can even have a combination setup with a SIP trunk for your site with on-premises hardware and a modern VoIP phone system at the other sites, all on the Yay.com VoIP platform and all managed from one tab in a web browser.

But, if you’re ready to make the switch to a cloud hosted PBX, you can join our full service and benefit from cost effective outbound calling, simple phone system management from an intuitive user dashboard and powerful business phone features not possible with a traditional phone system. We’re compatible with all your VoIP phones, IP intercoms and other VoIP hardware and will never charge you more for using the devices that make you and your business most effective.

Use Your VoIP Phones Straight Out of the Box With Auto-Provisioning.

With our auto-provisioning service, a single click is all it takes to have the VoIP phones you purchase from us ready to go when they arrive with you at the office. All you’ll need to do is plug them into your network and head to your Yay.com dashboard to assign a user to each phone. Once complete, your phones will be ready to ring, saving you the hassle of having to manually add SIP server details and more to each and every phone in the office. How’s that for simple?

If you’re interested in breaking free from arbitrary constraints and being given the freedom to use the hardware you prefer with your business’ phone system, join Yay.com today or sign up for your free VoIP trial now.

We don't lock you down. Use the hardware you want to with our service.
Combine our VoIP service with any VoIP hardware such as VoIP phones, IP intercoms and even on-premises PBX.
Moving your team to VoIP? Get your VoIP phone pre-configured to use straight out of the box.

Are you ready to take your business communications to the next level?