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Become a VoIP reseller

Become a VoIP reseller and easily offer our high quality hosted VoIP service to your own customers.

As a VoIP reseller you can provide an innovative Cloud PBX, phone numbers, and all our features to your clients. All under your own brand, without having to build or install anything yourself!

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Become a VoIP Reseller
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How much does it cost?

Cheaper rates for Resellers

A Reseller account costs just £49.99 a month, and allows you to start selling our high quality VoIP service, under your own brand name within minutes.

Not only do you gain access to all the tools listed above, you get reduced rates when purchasing SIP Users, Phone Numbers and Call Rates.

As your VoIP Reseller account grows you will get further reductions on your call rates. To see what savings can be made please use the Call Rate Checker below, or download our list of call rates.

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  • Reseller Account (You Buy At)

  • Profit *

    • Usual Price
    • Reseller Price
    • Pay As you Go

      SIP Users
    • £2.99

    • £0.99

    • £2.00

    • Unlimited UK Land & Mob 1

      SIP Users
    • £14.99

    • £9.99

    • £5.00

    • Unlimited UK + EU Land & Mob 1

      SIP Users
    • £24.99

    • £14.99

    • £10.00

    • Phone Numbers

    • £1.99

    • £0.49

    • £1.50


* Profit is based on the retail rate you set for your customers.

Additional Savings

Call Rate Checker

Enter a phone number to compare the call rate savings as you grow as a Reseller.

Requirements per month *

  • Retail Rate

  • Bronze Reseller

  • Silver Reseller

  • Gold Reseller

  • Platinum Reseller

  • 0p/min

  • 0p/min

  • 0p/min

  • 0p/min

  • 0p/min

  • None

  • None

  • 250+ users

    25,000 mins

  • 500+ users

    50,000 mins

  • 1000+ users

    100,000 mins

Become a VoIP Reseller today and get your first month FREE!

Utilise all these amazing features and tools to offer your customers a high quality VoIP service.

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