VoIP API Documentation

This is where we update the REST API documentation for our comprehensive VoIP API. Using our VoIP API you can completely control phone numbers and SIP accounts across our completely controllable VoIP phone system. You can read the beginners guide here.

Audio Management

Manage audio files and Music on Hold playlists

Call Queueing

Create Queue groups, request stats such as people in queue, average wait time etc.

Caller ID

View caller identification and make requests for alternative caller ID's

Customer Management

Manage your customers, and their hosted VoIP calling plans

eFax Management

Set authorised senders for eFaxes and manage fax to email

Phone Books

Phone Books store contacts and their phone numbers/email addresses

Phone Calls & CDR Data

View VoIP call costs, call recordings and CDR data

Phone Numbers & Call Routing

Set call routing and call forwarding for your phone numbers. Buy new phone numbers and schedule operating hours

SIP Account Management

Create and manage SIP accounts and SIP Hunt Groups

SIP Trunks

Add SIP trunks and manage existing to connect our Hosted VoIP solution to any platform


See your Storefronts, Invoice and Credit Notes

Text (SMS) Messaging

Send and receive SMS messages from your numbers

Voicemails & Mailboxes

Define how mailboxes are accessed and configured

VoIP Bundle (Subscriptions)

Create and manage VoIP Bundle (subscriptions) for customers

VoIP Phone Provisioning

View provisioned VoIP phone devices

VoIP Phone Short Code

Manage short codes that work with your VoIP phone devices

VoIP Phone Speed Dial

Create, view and manage speed dials