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Our virtual landline solution gives you the freedom to break away from your a physical landline while benefiting from a host of professional business phone system features as standard. Choose your own dedicated virtual phone numbers and connect with your customers and colleagues today.

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Whether on the go or in the office, take your business phone line with you wherever you go, without any restrictions. All you need is an Internet or data connection and you can start making and receiving calls in no time at all. Our virtual phone system is easy to activate and calls can be managed on any device of your choice.

Get the Benefits Of a Virtual Phone Number

Build Trust with a Professional Business Number

Our virtual landline solution allows you to appear local to your customers with a professional looking, dedicated business number.

Choose from local, national and even international numbers. From London to Los Angeles, Newcastle to New York, we make it easy to receive calls and dial out as your location of choice.

Whether you’re a growing SME or a large enterprise, our customisable system will help you build trust, improve call pickup rates, and strengthen your relationship with your local customers.

Get professional business phone number

Separate Your Work and Personal Calls

Tired of receiving calls to your personal number? Got customers who call you around the clock? With our combination of virtual landline and business phone system you and your team can rest easy.

Smart Routing and Out of Hours call handling mean that your free time remains free, allowing you to focus your attention wherever it might be needed most.

Use our customisable online switchboard to improve your work-life harmony even while your business continues to increase in popularity.

Separate personal and work calls

Manage Calls On the Go

When you get a virtual landline with us, you can manage your calls from any location and from any device.

Take calls in the office via your desk phone or use our virtual landline apps to handle calls on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You never have to miss an important call whether in the office, working remotely, or on the road to your next job. For situations when you just can’t pick up the call, we’ll even email you a copy of the voicemail, so you’re always on top of those crucial opportunities.

Manage calls from anywhere

Reduce Your Business Costs With a Virtual Landline

No matter what your business size, our virtual landline numbers and hosted business phone system provide big savings on operating, setup and call costs.

There’s no need to purchase new hardware as our virtual landlines work with the devices you already own and with instant phone number activation there are never any additional installation costs.

With all the spend you save, you can bump up your marketing budget or even put a little bit extra to one side for the next office social.

Reduce your business costs

Compare Our Features and Pricing

Our flexible plans contain a host of business features to transform day-to-day calling, boost efficiency, and enhance caller satisfaction. From startups and SMEs, through to large corporations, we’ve got a plan to suit your needs. No contract, cancel anytime.

Starting Out

from just



  • 100 Free Mins. Included
  • Free Phone Numbers
  • Business Instant Messaging
  • Mobile/Desktop Apps

  • Standard Feature Suite Incl:
  • Call Forwarding & Routing
  • Hunt Groups
  • Custom Hold Music
  • Voicemail & Call Logs
  • Call Recording
  • + much more...

Flying High

from just



  • 750 Free Mins. Included
  • Free Phone Numbers
  • Business Instant Messaging
  • Mobile/Desktop Apps

  • Advanced Feature Suite Incl:
  • IVR Call Menus
  • Advanced Call Routing
  • Call Monitoring
  • Third Party Integrations
  • Call Screening & Blocking
  • + much more...


from just



  • Unlimited Calls (UK + 54 Countries)
  • Free Phone Number Per User
  • Business Instant Messaging
  • Mobile/Desktop Apps

  • Enterprise Feature Suite Incl:
  • Smart Call Queueing
  • Call Statistics
  • Scheduled Call Reporting
  • Live Call Wallboards
  • Unlimited Call Recording
  • + much more...

Why Choose For Your Virtual Landline?

Bonus Business Features As Standard

A huge suite of call features such as IVR Call Menus, Call Recording and more are included in our cost-effective plans, so you’ll find that you get more than just a phone line with us.

60 Second Setup and Intuitive Online Portal

Whether updating call diverts, recording voicemail greetings or adding extensions, our secure online dashboard makes unlocking the power of your virtual numbers a breeze.

Industry Leading Support and Service

We’re proud of our 5 star service and will always go above and beyond for you. In fact we’re so confident, we choose never to lock any of our customers into any long term contracts.

A Safe and Secure System Built For You

Built for business from the ground up, our fully resilient Google/AWS hosted phone system ensures that you can always be confident in the highest call quality and stability.

Benefits of virtual landline numbers

How To Get a Virtual Landline Number

Instant online activation means getting started with a virtual phone number only takes a few simple steps. A free local virtual landline number is included with your plan, so you and your teams can start making and receiving HD quality calls in minutes, all with the tools you already use.

Step 1 - Choose your phone number

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Step 2 - Choose your VoIP plan

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Step 3 - Buy VoIP system

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Step 4 - Enjoy making and receiving calls

Enjoy Making and Receiving Calls

Join Thousands Of Happy Customers

Our system is trusted by thousands of organisations around the world, enabling startups, SMEs and large enterprises to simplify communications and increase day-to-day flexibility. See what our customers are saying about us and discover for yourself why we’re the virtual number provider of choice.

Virtual Landline Number FAQs

Whether buying a new virtual landline number or simply looking to transfer in a legacy landline, we’re here to help. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today if you need more information about virtual landlines and our Cloud phone system.

A virtual landline is a cloud-based phone line that allows you to make and receive calls from any location or device. Unlike analogue lines, a virtual landline is not required to be tied to a fixed physical location. This means if you move office or home, you can take your virtual landline and number with you.

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