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  • Ordered phone system on Tuesday (after 6 pm) and it arrived today, (Thursday) Set it up with the support of the Yay team, so far this has been an easy and seamless process - keep up the good work Yay!Clark

  • Excellent customer service. I have nothing but praise for all the staff members that I have spoken to. They have all been super helpful and answered any questions that I had. Karen

  • I spoke with Konnor this morning, he was so helpful and competent, assisting me with my query quickly and effectively, even when I had to abandon him mid-call and talk to someone else! Thank you Konnor. Heather

  • Was unsure as to which provider to sign up especially as there are so many, but after having spoke to at least four and reviewed the charges Yay for me was the one that showed a personal approach along with an excellent delivery of service. Great support throughout whilst setting up and being completely clueless would highly recommend on service, price and qualityJanet

  • For the last 4 years we've lived in a delightful rural spot but, unfortunately, right at the end of 7Km of old Openreach underground copper wire. Broadband speed is less than 0.5Mb and the 'phone line either crackly or distorted in some way. Apart from the postman our most frequent visitors have been BT engineers. We also live in a dead mobile zone - so a bit surprising to recently find a 4G signal vaguely available in our loft, courtesy of a BT engineer switching over a twisted pair and using his 'phone. Being at the end of my tether with Openreach I've just done the research and now have a pair of 4G aerials on the roof which are generating an average 25Mb through the router. So having taken care of the Broadband, and obtained a speed that gives options - I needed a similarly efficient method of getting rid of the voice side of the copper wire. Did a lot of research of UK VOIP providers and nearly made the mistake of linking to Vonage (read the reviews!) because they provide a configured adapter. Fortunately found Yay and, initially bemused at the copious data on their website, decided to go with them. Made an initial call which confirmed the initial impression and that their people are equally as impressive as the website. Three weeks on, and with my number recently ported, my first impressions of their people are now firmly confirmed - they are friendly, knowledgeable and thoroughly professional. I've needed less help than I initially feared as their FAQs gave me considerable insight into how to configure the adapter. And it only needed a quick call to confirm a couple of points. But the proof of this particular pudding is in the listening. I realise I'm coming from a low expectation base - as the quality of voice since we moved here has been abysmal - but the new quality via Yay is simply phenomenal. And is so much better that anything we've ever experienced before in a domestic setup. The sole downside is that I'm not a fan of recurring Credit Card payments and that's my only practical option. Direct Debit is so much simpler all round - but all the domestic VOIP providers seem to stick at the CC option. . But if that's the only downside I'll gladly live with it in the light of the much greater benefits.Michael

  • Absolutely fantastic, i was on the phone for 3 hours speaking to different providers came across yay.com. Spoke to Konnor who was very patient and very knowledgeable person helped me set the whole account up from start to finish within 20min. highly recommend yay.comBhavik

  • Brill Service. Konnor was amazing! Made life so much easy for us. Could not have expected a better service. Will highly recommend. Abdullah

  • Jez was very polite and very helpful through the whole process off installing our new phones. Would not hesitate in recommending. Thank you again :-)Samantha

  • The website was very well laid out and easy to follow and well explained. when I phoned up for technical support I was impressed that I got to speak to a 'person' very quickly. With a lot of companies you can spend ages going through various menus and being put on hold. The staff I have spoken to on the phone have been very helpful and polite. I am not particularly technically minded but they took the time to explain things well. Overall - EXCELLENT!John

  • Second small company converted to Yay was very impressed first time around when you were just starting out, now you are bigger great to find the same level of service. Any technical problems and queries are always handled first touch by helpful staff. When you have recommended a supplier this is exactly what you need not layers of customer service staff who know less than you.Kickstart

  • I had a technical query with Yay.com and they were incredibly helpful. The support was immediate and comprehensive and fully resolved my issues. Andrew

  • So bought a new IP phone, got confused with setting it up - Telephone support was nothing short of spectacular, had us up and running in no time - You would never EVER get that level of service buying kit from Amazon or regular online retailers. Chris

  • Very happy so far , looking forwards to the 18th December when I should be up and running with my number transferred from Talk Talk, fingers crossed.Rory

  • In a small consulting company, you wear many hats. To keep everything on track and running smoothly and keep your own customers happy, good quality support from your suppliers is crucial. The support I have received from Yay has been excellent so far. For this reason, I would receommend them. Simon

  • Easy to create an online account and quick, superb helpdesk assistance by Jez on the phone meant that I was up and running in minutes. Recommended +++. Richard

  • im really not very good with computers but Victoria was very patient with me and actually stayed on 20 minutes after work to get me up and running 10/10 for customer care anyway Ursula

  • Outstanding customer service as always from this company. Konner went above and beyond for me today to help me set up personal messages on my business line. Love this company, keep up the great service! Nasra

  • Meg on tech support was fantastic. She had a lovely manner and knew how to fix any of my problems. Best service I've had in a long time.Luke

  • Matt was really helpful and friendly - helped solve our issues and didn't laugh at how untechnical I was! Awesome service :-) Katey

  • I have recently been tasked with moving our phone system away from BT for one reason or another. While shopping around the many VOIP providers I came across yay.com. I immediately liked their website and the features they offer, everything was very transparent and easy to understand. I called on a couple of occasions to make sure the system was right for me and spoke to Meg and Daisy, both were lovely to deal with and explained everything thoroughly which made me feel confident that choosing yay.com was the right way to go. I did not feel pressured in any way. I am now halfway through my 30 day free trial period and I am impressed with the system, it's extremely simple to use - put it this way everything just works! After buying the new handsets I did have a problem where the phones weren't ringing as they should be. I called Konnor to give me a hand and we got it sorted. Turns out it was an issue on my network, nothing to do with their service. Konnor is an incredibly nice guy to deal with. He did not stop until it was sorted. After my experience with him I feel confident that yay.com support are more than happy to deal with any issue their customers have no matter how insignificant. Based on my experience with this company so far I do not have any regrets choosing them for my VOIP services and I would recommend them 100%.Mark

  • Having decided to sign up with Yay for a voip service as there are based in the UK I needed to call the support team a couple of times and dealing with Victoria couldn't have been better, she sorted my problem out quickly and efficiently. A great company and excellent customer services, which is not always the case. NickAylesbury

  • Ordered a TP-Link Passthrough Powerline. At the time, Yay had it for sale at a cheaper price than Amazon. Ordered the article online and it was despatched and delivered very quickly (with parcel tracking). Highly recommend dealing with Yay.Dennis

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