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  • Been with Yay for a few years now. Recently they were able to recover an important number that my Broadband provider had lost, and then they spent the time to ensure that it was all correctly provisioned. Great service as always, their staff are helpful and knowledgeable and nothing seems too much trouble.Alex

  • Yay is extremely easy to set up, and to use, and their customer support is outstanding! The features are extremely rich for the reasonable membership cost.Kara

  • I love Yay and it is impossible to say enough nice things about how positive my experience has been! The product is user friendly, easy to set up, and extremely high value. The support team is absolutely incredible - They are professional, patient, friendly, and skilled. My business needs are in great hands with Yay! Thank you for everything! I look forward to working with Yay for a very long time!Kara

  • Great work from Sol! Sol has recently spent hours helping me to set up our new call routing and queueing, even if we did change our minds a little bit too often he was always happy to help! Thanks Ryan (Fireco)Ryan

  • We love the fact that we out source our telephony and YAY hits the mark. Technical questions answered quickly and in a super smooth way. Thank you Dom for guiding us through the problem solution. We wholeheartedly recommend YAY.comWe

  • Bertie was very professional and reassuring in dealing with an issue we had from another provider, he managed to get the situation resolved within an hour and contacted me directly to update me on the positive outcome. Excellent customer service!Dave

  • Junaid, thank you for resolving the Auto Provisioning issue with my Yealink W60B phone. I'm delighted with support and service provided.Doug

  • My old landline service (with my Internet provider) was disontinued so I had to take their VoIP service or set up an alternative. A fortnightly Computer Magazine pointed me towards the Grandstream HandyTone HT801 box which is part of the set up. Yay have a help page about it. I was able to make calls into my phone number but not outwards. By 6pm Friday I'd tried everything and I called their help number. I was very impressed to find a real person answering, logging onto my computer and changing a setting on the Grandstream setting page - which solved the problem. In my experience, IT support departments aren't accessible at weekends. I am very impressed at the support I received on a Friday evening. Also, the YAY service is, ongoing, very good value.Verulamsteven

  • An absolutely outstanding VOIP provider, what sets them apart is the customer service, one call and they solve my issue whatever that might be. Cannot recommend them highly enough.DLF

  • I had a complicated issue with my line connection. Junaid sorted it out when others were having issues. I have been with Yay for almost 2 years and they are really fantastic.jason

  • I had a call limit come up unexpectedly. I spoke with a very helpful person at Yay - a personal call out to Izzy - who lifted the restrictions right away. So on with my day.Robin

  • I am still new to the app and I'm learning more. It's really helpful and the yay team are always supportive and ready to assist at any given timeEmmanuella

  • I am on a free trial programme for the moment. I am dyslexic and not very good with technology in general. Also, not sure which programme will suit me. I've contacted the customer support number to ask some questions and Junaid a very kind supportive member of yay guided me through the app, how to use it, where to find the packages and gave me some information tips on what might help for my own needs. He never pressured or insisted on buying something on the spot, which I always find annoying when contacting a service. Excellent customer service.MarMR

  • The support we got whilst working with Yay has been great. I have to particularly point out an agent named Sol who has always been quick to respond and a pleasure to speak with. The system is easy to use and navigate.Hollie

  • I recently had the pleasure of using YAY.com's VoIP service, and I must say it has been an absolute game-changer for my communication needs. From their feature-rich platform to their outstanding call quality, YAY.com has provided me with a truly remarkable VoIP experience. First and foremost, the setup process with YAY.com was incredibly straightforward. Their intuitive interface and step-by-step instructions made it easy for me to configure and customize my VoIP system according to my specific requirements. Within minutes, I was up and running, ready to make and receive high-quality calls. Speaking of call quality, YAY.com delivers exceptional clarity and reliability. Whether I'm making local or international calls, the sound is crystal clear, free from any disruptions or distortions. The service is incredibly stable, ensuring that my conversations remain uninterrupted and professional. One feature that sets YAY.com apart is their extensive range of calling features and options. From call forwarding and call recording to voicemail and conference calling, they offer a comprehensive suite of tools to enhance communication efficiency. The ability to customize call routing and handling has been particularly valuable for my business needs. Another aspect I appreciate about YAY.com is their commitment to excellent customer support. Whenever I had a question or needed assistance, their knowledgeable and friendly support team was readily available to help. Their prompt responses and dedication to resolving any issues ensured that I felt supported throughout my journey with YAY.com. YAY.com's dedication to security and privacy is also worth mentioning. They employ robust encryption protocols to protect sensitive data, giving me peace of mind knowing that my calls and information are secure. Additionally, their backup and disaster recovery measures further demonstrate their commitment to data integrity. Furthermore, YAY.com's pricing structure is transparent and competitive, making their VoIP service accessible to businesses of all sizes. Their flexible plans cater to different needs, allowing users to scale their communication system as their business grows. I found their pricing to be reasonable, considering the exceptional quality and features they provide. In conclusion, YAY.com's VoIP service has exceeded my expectations in every aspect. Their user-friendly platform, stellar call quality, extensive features, top-notch customer support, and dedication to security make them an exceptional choice for anyone seeking reliable and efficient communication solutions. I highly recommend YAY.com to businesses and individuals alike. Embrace the future of communication with YAY.com - you won't be disappointed!Marcus

  • Yay.com is a great company and has everything I need to support my business needs. Great service and communication from them. Highly recommended.Business

  • I dealt with a very helpful man called Sol. It was a much easier experience than i tought it would be. Sol made things very simple for me to understand and reassured me the entire time. I have been extremely happy and overly satisified with my experience with Yay, and look forward to working together in the future. Kind regards Gemma Dellergemma

  • The speed at which I was responded to was quite unbelievable for me at first honestly and then the professionalism displayed was top notch. I did not expect to be set up so easily. Sol was amazing and comes highly recommended. Great solution and great personalised, problem solving and results oriented team.Safiya

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