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  • Meg. Excellent again. We've spoken many times over several years, and you're always superb. It's really good to speak to someone who absolutely knows her stuff. Patient, eloquent and competent. You also intuitively know when to use email and when to pick the phone up. Too many people don't pick the phone up when its appropriate. You do. Excellent. Pass your skills on, we need more companies like YAY.Mark

  • This is a review for Yay's excellent pre sales support. From the moment I made an enquiry I have been very well looked after first by Raul and then Jez. Jez especially spent a couple of hours on the phone painstakingly setting up the call routing to my rather exacting standards. Their enterprise level exchange can pretty much do anything you could need it to. I was so impressed I signed up immediately and we are now in the process of transferring my numbers over to the system. I will come back and update this review once I have had a chance to use the system live for a while. Michael

  • Konnor was very helpful, as a matter of fact, I would regard him as a fountain of knowledge when it comes to VOIP, and its capabilities, are a good company to deal with - highly recommended Flexiheat

  • In my extensive experience, telecoms companies give very poor service - they're hard to get through to, and rarely do what they're asked to do right first time, leading to lots of time on the phone and frustration getting it rectified. Yay.com are different, wonderfully different. I signed up with them for all my business phones years ago - and they've served us brilliantly ever since. So now I've signed up with them at home. They gave me the same great service even though they're clearly specialising in business systems. They're helpful, friendly, professional, knowledgeable. And they handled my queries quickly and successfully. I highly recommend them.Richard

  • Exceptional customer service. Meg, Konnor and Miguel have been incredibly helpful transitioning us over to Yay, nothing has been too difficult. Highly recommend the team! Software is also very good and covers everything we need it to, which is tough when we have quite a long list of requirements as a business!Roberta

  • I know nothing about computers networking I searched around for someone to help me as networking people like to hack I needed someone trustworthy and reliable as I knew nothing about this area I got talking to NetXl a gentleman called Mr Konnor I cannot praise him enough because I was at wits end of worry and frustration basically absolutelyi Was helpless by now I can only highly recommend 100% confidence that my data is all secure 100% helpfulness 100% courteous to me I would recommend to use them and I will be going back to use them Worth every penny Thank You Ever So Much Mark Burton From HeshamMark

  • The client service is incredibly wonderful. They are really efficient and respectful. They really cared about the problem and kindly helped me until the issue was solved. That required several calls, updates and emails. Thank you so much. You saved my domain!Ester

  • We had an issue setting up our voip phones (nothing to do with YAY) but they sorted it for us within 30 minutes. We signed up a week ago and really have ZERO complaints! Very easy to navigate the site and perfect for a small growing company like ours. If anything, I am gutted I had not found them sooner.Nicholas

  • Excellent service. Although it is sometimes difficult to explain the issue, Matt was very patient and understood completely the question. He was very kind, friendly and helpful.Ester

  • Would whole-heartedly recommend Yay.com – it's all fairly straightforward to set up the basics, and if you have any issues (as I have) connecting third-party hardware, they go out of their way to help. Bought a new phone and was having no luck trying to connect it, so I got in touch with Yay – a very patient and chirpy Konnor just spent the whole morning talking me through it, rebooting this and that, and I'm up and running. Couldn't be happier with their service, and I know they're always at the end of the phone (a human being, too – no awful machine filtering) if any problem arises. Will

  • We do not use the VOIP systems so I cancelled the monthly subscription very easily online and then spoke to an advisor, Miguel, about a refund for our phone credits. He was so helpful and arranged the refund whilst on the phone! A good service is very rare nowadays so I was very impressed. Thank you. Jane

  • Every time I have any problems and need to call up YAY answer the phones really quickly, are really friendly and solve the problem. Today Miguel was especially helpful but everyone I have spoken with at YAY has been great :) I can't recommend them highly enoughDaniel

  • Fantastic customer service. I called up to get some assistance with verifying my account and whilst I was on the phone Matt asked me if I wanted to be shown round the system. It's great when you deal with someone who doesn't want to end the call after solving the initial query. It took about 20 minutes to run through the entire system. He was well mannered, knowledgable and clearly knew his job inside out! I see employee of the month coming your way!!! Thanks again!Tim

  • Our team has been on yay for a year now after trying several other VoIP providers before, also large names. Call quality is very good. We mainly talk in Spain to Spanish mobiles. Integration with our CRM works very well. Never had an issue down-time. Customer service is excellent. Very friendly, very responsive. Thank you very much! You make our lives easier. David

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