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About Yay.com

We get excited about business...

...however we got frustrated with the complexities and time needed to run one.

That's exactly why we started Yay.com. When you run a business, you need to spend your time in it, not just keeping it alive and kicking. We want to make doing business easy, fun, and flexible to your needs;

both now...

...and in the future.

We've run multiple successful businesses before, and sold a few too! From the seeds of a tiny start-up, right through to multi national conglomerates; we've felt your pain. That's why we founded Yay.com. We simply want to make the tech part easy, to free your time up to get back into the business - where you belong.

Our products are all homegrown. Our own ideas and innovations, nurtured to solve the problems we know you experience in business. That is quite simply our mission at Yay.com.

"make business easy"

Yay - how easy was that!