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Browser Based Business Phone

Free browser-based softphone app for VoIP calls.

Use our free, web-based softphone to make phone calls directly through your web browser. This webphone solution is ideal if you find yourself away from your office for a period of time, or you just want to start using our hosted VoIP service straight away without the need to purchase any additional VoIP phones or hardware. For low cost local or international VoIP calls, the Yay.com browser based softphone is a great way to get started. Just fire up your tablet, smartphone or desktop computer with the latest web browser and start calling today.

Make Calls Within Your Web Browser; No Downloads or Purchases Required

At no additional charge to Yay.com customers, our browser-based softphone empowers you to make and take business calls using VoIP technology without having to download a thing or spend a penny. No need to alt-tab to a different window from your Google Docs editorial or from your research tabs in-browser; just accept or make your calls and carry on working - all within a single window.

You won’t need a physical VoIP phone on your desk or even need to download an app, saving you and your business the cost of purchasing dedicated VoIP phones for each member of staff and the time needed to download and configure dedicated software. Just head to the Yay.com browser phone URL to experience a lightweight, cost-effective and easy-to-use solution for conducting business over the phone from any desktop.

WebRTC Technology for State-of-the-Art Calling

Forget your experiences with other VoIP softphones; this one’s different. Versus regular VoIP technology that uses older transport protocols to move your voice data across the internet, our web-based browser phone promises to deliver higher quality calls using WebRTC technology.

WebRTC is abstract, not relying on any single signalling protocol or mechanism to deliver your voice data. What this versatility means for your VoIP calls is faster, more secure and more reliable transportation of your data packets and, therefore, calls that are consistently more stable, with higher audio quality than you’ll find anywhere else.

Add Users and Extensions for Effortless Office Communications Whatever Your Location

If you begin by trying out Yay.com’s service and its browser-based phone for yourself, but quickly become eager to share its capabilities with your staff and colleagues, you’ll have no trouble. Adding new users is as simple as logging into your Yay.com account from your browser, adding the required number of users to your basket and checking out.

In this way, you can create, set up, and manage your new business phone system, as well as make and take calls, all from a single browser window. If at a later date you want to expand or change your system, all you need to do is log in to your existing account and make the changes you’d like to see.

What’s more, since you can conduct calls from a browser, requiring only your Yay.com login credentials to access the feature, you can make and take your business calls regardless of your location. From the beach or the boardroom, all you’ll need is a working internet connection and an open browser window to leverage the power of your new VoIP phone system.

No extra VoIP software or hardware needed to make calls - launch instantly from within your web browser
Uses the latest WebRTC technology for state-of-the-art calling.
Easily add users and extensions for effortless office communications whatever your location.

Are you ready to take your business communications to the next level?