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Fax To Email

Receive and send email to fax in conjunction with your own business VoIP phone number.

We can provide you with a dedicated business fax number that combines with your email address to send and receive faxes without the need for any bulky or ageing fax machine hardware. Reduce costs and increase efficiency by faxing online using this Cloud PBX feature. Just like the rest of your business phone system, your dedicated fax number moves with you wherever you go, so electronic fax, also known as efax, can ensure that you receive important fax messages on your tablet, smartphone or desktop computer. For healthcare professionals or those working in a legal profession, this can be a useful alternative fax solution in a busy working environment. With Yay.com, you’ll never have to make a trip to the fax machine again. Try our email to fax features included as part of your hosted VoIP service and start faxing online in no time.

Send and Receive Fax with Your Email and Business Phone Numbers

If you’re a business that still makes use of fax in its day-to-day line of work, then you need a business VoIP solution that’s compatible with this more traditional technology. Yay.com goes one step further than compatibility, modernising your business’ fax communications with its fax to email feature. Now, you’ll be able to both send and receive faxes on your VoIP phone system. With a little simple configuration from your Yay.com dashboard, you can authorise email addresses to send and receive faxes via our servers.

This represents the perfect solution in backward compatibility, saving you the money required to purchase a fax machine and the time required to maintain it and/or learn how to use it, without restricting you from doing business with the long-established companies that still use this technology.

Send Fax by Email to Reduce Business Costs

If you don’t have a fax machine or prefer email, you’ll be able to send faxes to colleagues and clients just as well with only your email account. Authorise an email address to send faxes via our servers in the Yay.com dashboard and you’ll be able to send any PDF file as a fax to a recipient of your choice. Just enter the recipient’s fax number, followed by “@sendfax.yay.com” in the ‘send to’ field when composing your email and attach the PDF file whose contents you’d like to fax.

When you combine free receipt of faxes, cost-effective sending and the savings from not having to buy dedicated fax machinery you get just one more way in which Yay.com’s VoIP phone system can save your business money whilst increasing its productivity and efficiency.

Freely View and Download Faxes via Your Email or VoIP Dashboard

With our intuitive, modular call routing panel, just add the ‘receive fax’ module to a dedicated call route and assign a phone number to it to turn that number into a dedicated fax receipt line. Enter an email address of your choice into the dedicated field in the module and, when a fax is sent to this number, you’ll receive a copy of the fax sent right in your email inbox.

Not only is this convenient, it’s also free of charge for Yay.com customers, meaning you can benefit from the best of both worlds. In much the same way as our VoIP phone system is backward compatible with an in-office hardware PBX via a SIP trunk, it’s also backward compatible with fax communications, so you can continue doing business with long-established corporations without being tied to old hardware.

If you think phone system features like these could benefit your business and your employees, come on board with Yay.com today or start your free 14 day VoIP trial.

Send and receive fax to any fax number or email address of your choosing.
Save space and money - send fax by email without the need for a fax machine.
Receive faxes for free. View and download received faxes via your email or Dashboard.

Are you ready to take your business communications to the next level?