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iOS and Android Softphone VoIP Apps

Free VoIP calling app for all Android and iOS phones.

Get our free softphone app available for your desktop computer, Android and iOS phones. Your devices can now communicate seamlessly and globally in robust HD quality from anywhere, all at regular local Yay.com call costs. Allow your business and its staff the freedom to operate from hundreds of locations at once, as one interconnected team, while appearing as if you’re all calling from the same office. As a truly mobile and unified team solution, you can deploy to your team in seconds using one of three intuitive, bulk deployment methods. Get the power of our enterprise phone system in a calling app today!

Make Calls Even Without Any VoIP Hardware

As part of our pledge to make the Yay.com VoIP phone system as boundless as possible, not only do we not restrict you to the use of any one make or model of VoIP phone, but we don’t require you to use VoIP hardware at all. With our VoIP software apps, you can take your business’ phone system with you anywhere you like, giving you the freedom to make and take business calls no matter whether you’re on the beach or in the boardroom.

You can save your business the cost of a new hardware IP phone for every member of staff by suggesting a bring-your-own-device policy instead. With our VoIP apps, your staff will benefit from a newfound flexibility in the way they work that has been shown to improve productivity and job satisfaction. Whether they want to use their personal mobile device or a desktop computer, we have a VoIP app that’s capable of delivering your staff their business calls in HD audio with stability, even across a weak connection.

When combined with our alternative caller ID function, you’ll find that you can even use our VoIP apps while presenting as any phone number you own, meaning your customers and clients need never know the difference between you calling from the office and you calling from home, providing a cohesive and seamless customer experience even when some of your staff are working remotely.

Make VoIP Calls Without Excessive Battery Drain or Data Use

The technology employed by our VoIP apps that makes them the best-in-class VoIP app offering of any VoIP provider also enables them to deliver HD quality calls whilst using very little bandwidth. This low data requirement means you can continue to conduct business through your VoIP phone system wherever you are, without worrying about eating into the significant savings that make VoIP an attractive prospect for businesses everywhere.

What’s more, the data transporting protocols that our apps use communicate intelligently and efficiently with the Yay.com platform, meaning our app won’t ever needlessly run tasks in the background to drain your phone’s precious resources. When there’s a call or message to deliver, though, our apps come alive to deliver the same great audio quality and experience that you’ve come to expect.

Faultless HD VoIP Calls Whether Over Cellular Data or WiFi

As an additional bonus, our VoIP apps’ low bandwidth requirement means HD quality calls can be yours no matter whether you’re on a 3G connection on your mobile device or are using our desktop app over a wired ethernet connection. Moving between sources on a single device, too, is a seamless experience with Yay.com’s VoIP apps that cannot be found anywhere else.

Try out our VoIP apps for free today by signing up for a free VoIP trial or compare our voice plans to get started right away.

No extra VoIP phones or hardware needed to make calls - launch instantly from your mobile device.
Available for Android and iOS phones. Use freely without worrying about excessive battery drain or data use.
Uses the latest technology for faultless HD quality calls whatever your connection, whether on 3G, 4G data or WiFi.

Are you ready to take your business communications to the next level?