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Business VoIP Apps for Desktop Devices

Free VoIP calling app for Windows, MacOS and Linux operating systems

Download our free calling app and easily make calls via your desktop computer or laptop. Whatever location you're based in you can start making calls through your own virtual office with our desktop softphones. Enjoy full compatibility with Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems, so you and your team are fully catered for whichever OS is preferred. Easy setup means you can get started in an instant without any complicated steps. Sign up to the Yay.com cloud phone system and download the app you need today!

Make and Receive Business Phone Calls From Your Desktop

For those whose work entails an even mix of writing, researching, administration and voice communication, the desktop computer is the perfect workstation. With Yay.com’s VoIP phone system, VoIP apps are available for mobile and desktop devices, meaning you and your staff have the freedom to work and communicate in the manner that suits you best. With personal freedom comes enhanced productivity and greater job satisfaction, meaning a positive shift for both your business’ bottom line and for your employees themselves.

A simple download is all it takes to get up and running with our desktop VoIP app or, if you’d prefer, load up the app from right within your internet browser. Secure, fast and packed with all your favourite business VoIP features, our desktop app will have your teams talking, collaborating and communicating no matter whether they’re working remotely or locally. Plus, with the release of our new enterprise chat platform, secure business messaging for your team and partners is available alongside voice communications, helping to unify all of your business correspondence into a cohesive, intuitive experience.

Available On All Desktop and Mobile Operating Systems

Whether you prefer to use Windows, MacOS or a Linux distro as your OS of choice, our desktop VoIP apps are available for you to download and use right away. By making our apps compatible with all possible desktop operating systems, as well as both iOS and Android mobile devices, we’ve covered all bases so you can be in a position to support staff in their journey to become as productive and profitable for your business as possible.

Deploy Your VoIP Apps Quickly and Easily

Typically, the job of rolling out a fleet of VoIP desk phones, or even VoIP apps, to the desks and devices of every person in the business is a gargantuan task. With our bulk deployment methods, however, it’s possible to perform the task in a matter of minutes. Generate a company code and use automated deployment in your account dashboard to automatically assign SIP users to new sign ups, or take a manual approach for more hands-on control.

What’s more, with our auto-provisioning option, any VoIP desk phones you purchase directly from us can be pre-configured to the Yay.com SIP servers along with other technical details. When the phones arrive with you, all you’ll need to do is assign a SIP user to each handset, essentially halving the time necessary to perform this task. With desk phone auto-provisioning and bulk app deployment combined, we’ll have your business’ phone system set up in no time at all.

If desktop VoIP apps could benefit your business, try them out for free today with a VoIP trial, or begin comparing Yay.com’s voice plans now.

Make and receive calls via your desktop computer or laptop.
Available for MacOS, Windows and Linux operating systems.
Tailor your own virtual phone system and easily deploy the desktop VoIP app to your team via email invites.

Are you ready to take your business communications to the next level?