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Business-to-Business Video Calls

Conduct video calls no matter your location, without the need for complicated hardware.

Video Calling with Your VoIP Phone System

Video calling enhances your VoIP call experience through the addition of live real-time video. This feature can be configured on any compatible device and brings you face-to-face with members of your team who work in different locations. Our high quality video call feature offers a unified communications solution for a more integrated and productive workforce. So, whether you run a multi-office business, regularly work from home, or are a freelancer who wants to work from anywhere, this is a great solution for staying more connected to your team.

Conduct Video Calls with Colleagues and Teams in Real-time Video

The Yay.com platform fully supports video calls between SIP users. No configuration is necessary beyond what would be needed to make an ordinary call - you’ll just need video capable hardware. All you’ll need to do is set up both yourself and a video calling companion with a VoIP deskphone or softphone that’s capable of making video calls and then choose the option from your hardware to make a video call.

Whilst this is perfect for your staff with hardware phones that support video calls, our VoIP phone system is capable of conducting video calls in more ways than one.

You can have your home’s video intercom make a video call to your VoIP deskphone at work whenever anyone presses it, meaning you can see and speak to people to manage deliveries and other matters - perfect for management and a nice, powerful perk for your staff members too.

Make Video Calls Whether in the Room Next Door or Half-way Round the World

Whether you’re on the beach or in the boardroom, your Yay.com business phone system is capable of keeping you connected to your colleagues via voice, video or chat. Entirely location independent, your phone system can follow you wherever you go. So whether you’re a CEO on sabbatical touching base with staff, or a caring supervisor gathering the team round to wish a remote worker a happy birthday, Yay.com video calling keeps teams connected.

By making communication so easy, Yay.com opens the floodgates on the genius that’s a direct result of collaborative insight. Out of sight is out of mind, so unify your business communications and bring your remote workers back into the limelight with video conferencing and other powerful business VoIP features, like secure and encrypted enterprise chat for your teams and partners.

Perfect for Multi-office Businesses and Remote Workers

Keeping the windows of collaboration and communication open for you and your staff, even those that work remotely, conducting a video call with Yay.com doesn’t require any specialist knowledge. For the end user, there’s no difference between conducting a voice call and a video call except for the button you press on your VoIP hardware.

When it comes to working from home, such simplicity ensures that your hard working staff feel supported and connected, with complete freedom in the way they choose to interact with colleagues. Multi-office businesses, too, can use our high quality video calling platform to work more closely with individuals and teams at other sites, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Conduct video calls with colleagues and teams in real-time video.
Make video calls whether in the room next door or half-way round the world.
Perfect for multi-office businesses, home-workers and those working remotely. No tech knowledge needed.

Are you ready to take your business communications to the next level?