Domain Name Forwarding

Easily forward your domain name to another destination web address.

Domain forwarding, sometimes known as web forwarding enables you to automatically redirect your domain name to another web address in an instant. Domain forwarding can have many uses, for example, for a more professional appearance, register a bespoke domain name for your brand and redirect it to your Ebay, Amazon or Etsy shop. Alternatively, protect your company name across the world with ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain) registrations and forward these domain names to your main website. With web forwarding it is even possible to register keyword rich domain names and catch web traffic that you might otherwise have missed. The useful feature can be set up in seconds with us. Try out our web forwarding features and redirect your domains to the URL of your choice today!
Quickly redirect multiple domain names with unlimited web forwarding.
Forward sub-domains like www., root records and even wildcard (*) entries.
Choose from Masked forwarding, through to SEO-friendly, Permanent (301) and Temporary (302) web redirects.

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