Business Phone System Hunt Groups

Create hunt groups for your teams and departments.

Hunt Groups Ring Multiple Staff Members

With a business phone system from, you’ll be able to set up ring groups known as ‘hunt groups’ to send incoming calls to multiple members of staff simultaneously or distribute calls from one or more phone numbers to several extensions within a group.

Create departmental groups and combine these with IVR Call Menus, or use our VoIP phone system to create multi-line, linear or circular hunt groups to suit your needs. With options to include extensions over multiple ring groups, small businesses can appear larger and more professional in just a few simple steps. Set up our cloud PBX to be as flexible as you need it to be, whether you are a single user or a large business.

Organise Users and Dial Extensions in the Way that Suits You

With you have a VoIP phone system with no limits. However you structure your company internally, the perfect system for you is possible with us.

When it comes to making multiple phones ring at once, our hunt groups are the solution and they’re as easy to create as clicking a button then selecting the staff members to ring when a number is dialled.

Because we give you this level of granular control, there’s no limit to the number or type of hunt groups you can create. You could have one hunt group per department in the business; another containing all your support staff including those at your Manchester office, London office, and your remote workers too. You can even include staff members in more than one hunt group, enabling the nesting of groups or the exclusion of some staff members from certain groups.

Route Phone Calls to Hunt Groups, Choose Ring Orders and More

With our modular call routing system, you can intuitively design call routes that are as simple or as powerful as you’d like them to be. Configure a call route to ring one or more of your hunt groups and you’ll experience the true power of this feature. Call through to your remote team first, for example and, if no one has answered the call after twenty seconds, begin calling both the remote team and the in-house customer support team together. You’ll even have options to add callers to a call queue part-way through the call route if you wish, acting as a buffer that keeps your customers informed and happy whilst they wait for your busier teams to get to the phone.

Since more than one phone number can be assigned to a call route, and these numbers can themselves be assigned to multiple routes, your business can appear larger as your multi-skilled staff act simultaneously as members of the returns department, the accounts team and the sales team all at once. Boost customer trust in your business, as well as your reputation with just a few minutes of simple hunt group creation and configuration.

Combine Hunt Groups with IVR Call Menus To Maximise Call Route Efficiency

Use’s modular call routing to improve your caller experience with an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) call menu. When combined with your hunt groups, callers can choose which department they want to be put through to. When they do so, all of the phones belonging to that department will ring. This saves time both for the customer and for your members of staff, bypassing manual handling and transferring of calls from department to department, resulting in greater business efficiency, increased productivity and happier customers.

Organise users and extensions by groups. Band by departments, roles or groups of your choosing.
Route and distribute phone calls to hunt groups, with the ability to choose ring orders and more.
Combine ring groups with IVR call menus so callers are deirected to the department they need as efficiently as possible.

Are you ready to take your business communications to the next level?