Business Phone Book Manager

Easily create and import phone book contacts directly to your VoIP phones and apps.

Our phone book management features allow you to manage your phonebook contacts and directories with ease. For SMEs, growing businesses and large corporations adding individual phone book contacts can be a time-consuming exercise. Phone book management eliminates any time wasted in adding phone book contacts to your VoIP phones and apps individually. Import your business contacts from Outlook, Office 365, Google Contacts, your favourite email client, or CSV, and assign them to your VoIP phones and apps in no time. This powerful contact management feature enables you to update directories at any point so your global contact lists are all up-to-date in an instant. When migrating to our business phone system, this feature can be a real time saver, so join today to enjoy easier contact management within your business.

Pre-provision VoIP Phones With Your Favourite Contacts

Aside from the initial configuration of your VoIP hardware, the most time consuming aspect of migrating to business VoIP with other providers is the transfer of existing business contacts. With, you can import or export all of your important business and personal contacts with ease.

Name, phone number, email address and company name data are migrated quickly and easily to be stored on our platform. Our phonebooks feature collates groups of contacts and makes them easily accessible to your VoIP hardware. Upon completion of your phonebook, a simple provisioning URL is created, to which you can point your VoIP phone. The phone itself will then do the hard work for you, downloading your business phone contacts in a flash, rather than taking hours of repetitive manual input.

Import/Export Your Business Phone Contacts From Google Contacts, Office 365 Or Your Email Client’s phone books management is compatible with all leading business contacts managing platforms. It’s therefore easy to export all of your business contacts at once, import them onto our platform and, from there, download them to your VoIP hardware or to our proprietary VoIP apps for desktop and mobile devices.

This makes it faster than ever to get comfortably set up on our platform with everything in its place, right where you want it to be. Plus, once you’re set up, you’ve a host of other great business VoIP features that you can leverage to your business’ advantage. With our intuitive, modular call routing panel, for example, you won’t even need a dedicated technician to configure the perfect phone system for your business. This makes a high-end caller experience possible even for small businesses and increases the productivity for IT technicians in those businesses that already employ them, meaning they can spend more time keeping you cyber-secure and adding final polish to your own products.

Supported by Industry Leading VoIP Phone Brands

Our phone books feature is supported by all industry leading VoIP phone manufacturers, so no matter which highly recommended make and model of hardware you choose, you can rest assured that migrating your contacts across will be quick and easy. Whether you’re more familiar with Grandstream or are most comfortable with the premium feel of a Yealink resting by your ear, your migration experience to will be reliably smooth every time.

If you’ve been considering making the switch to business VoIP but have been stalling for fear of lengthy migration processes, now’s the time to put those fears to bed and make the jump. With VoIP hardware auto-provisioning and our business phone books, you’ll be making calls in no time.

Experience what our business phone system can do for your company today by signing up for a free, fourteen day VoIP trial or, if you’re ready to go right away, start by comparing our voice plans. As a subscription-based service, never ties you into a lengthy contract, so there’s no risk to you or your business. Try us out today and see how we amassed over 1000 five-star reviews

Automatically provision your VoIP phones with your favourite phonebook contacts.
Easily import and export phonebook contacts. Import from Google Contacts, Office 365 or your favourite email client.
This feature is supported on leading Grandstream, Yealink, Polycom and Cisco VoIP phones.

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