Alternative Caller ID for Business VoIP Systems

Present as phone numbers that aren't yet transferred to us and benefit from our low call rates.

A greater number of call recipients will pick up their phones if they know who the call is from. So enable business Caller ID, sometimes known as calling line identification (CLID), to create more trust in your organisation and, as a result, new business leads. With our VoIP phone system you can even add alternative caller IDs for phone numbers not held with us; a great solution if you want to present as a number you own that is in the process of transferring across. If you want to increase your response rates while also benefiting from our low call costs, be sure to set up Alternative Caller ID on your VoIP phone system today.

Choose Your Outbound Caller ID

Add any phone number you own for use as an outbound caller ID for your business’ phone system. Purchase new numbers from at any time, port numbers currently held elsewhere over to us, or simply prove to us that you own a number in order to present as that number when you call out to customers and clients.

Choosing your outbound caller ID is as simple as tapping into the settings menu on the VoIP apps or heading to your account dashboard and assigning a caller ID to a particular user. With customisable shortcodes, your staff will even be able to change their outbound caller ID in as few as three button presses, meaning multi-skilled members of staff can make calls on behalf of multiple departments in a matter of minutes. A member from accounts can use her knowledge of your product or service to help your customer support team, presenting as your support number so the customer knows exactly who is calling them back.

Giving your staff the ability to choose their outbound caller ID on the fly gives your business agility and the impression of great size even if you’re still in the process of creating that size. This can give your company the boost it needs to get started in building a large, loyal customer base, or give you the edge over your competitors that will keep you leading in your sector for years to come.

Add Caller IDs For a Phone Number Held Elsewhere

Just as we’ll allow you to use any VoIP hardware you like with our platform, and just as we’ll never tie you into a lengthy contract, preferring a simple pay-monthly plan, we don’t require that you port numbers over to us to use them. We understand that your needs as a business are diverse and that what works perfectly for one company might not suit the needs of another. That’s why we’ll always give you the freedom to integrate with other services and our alternative caller ID feature is just one example of this. Continue to hold one or more of your personal or business phone numbers with another carrier, but present as one of these numbers when you call out from your VoIP phone system. All you need to do is provide some simple documents as proof of ownership. Once approved, we’ll let you present as that phone number immediately from your VoIP desk phones, our mobile or desktop VoIP apps, or from any other medium you prefer to use.

Change Caller ID Call-to-Call With Short Codes

Modern businesses need to move quickly and small businesses can be incredibly proficient at this. Increase your proficiency even further by changing your caller ID call-to-call. Appear larger and more dominant in your sector by acquiring multiple business phone numbers (one for each department, for example) and even small teams can cover enough bases to appear as a multi-department company of twenty times their actual size.

Alternatively, if you’re a high-flying entrepreneur who owns many businesses, call out with the representative phone number for one company one minute, then fulfil a call obligation for your second company the very next by presenting as its phone number, changing your caller ID in just a few button presses.

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Choose the outbound Caller ID for any SIP User instantly.
Upload proof of ownership documents and add a Caller ID for a phone number not held in your account with us.
Use short codes to set caller IDs on the fly with each call.

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