Staff Presence Indication (BLF)

Easily see the status of your team with Busy Lamp Field (BLF) indicators.

With Presence Indication, also known as Busy Lamp Fields (BLF) you can easily see when individual team members are free or are on the phone. Easily configurable with multiple VoIP phone brands, this popular feature is a must for all office environments. For secretaries, reception or sales teams for example, this feature offers greater efficiency and visibility when transferring or picking up incoming calls. With easy-to-use status indicators, your team can instantly get an overview of who is available to take a call, meaning your callers receive a more satisfying caller experience without needing to be put on hold unnecessarily or suffer long ring times.

See Colleagues’ Call Status with Busy Lamp Fields (BLF)

With Busy Lamp Field (BLF) indication, it’s easy for you and your staff to quickly gain insight into who is currently engaged on a call and who isn’t. For fast-paced work environments where it’s common for one member of staff to rapidly consult with another, or in businesses where sales needs to quickly open up a dialogue with development to see if necessary resources are available to implement a new feature for a large new client, this can be priceless.

At a glance, the members of your team will be able to see who is available and, when combined with our VoIP apps, call those individuals with a single tap or click. Supported by most brands and models of VoIP phones and even integrated directly into’s proprietary VoIP apps, it’s easy to access and benefit from our BLF status indicators. With’s VoIP phone system, collaboration between staff members has never been easier or more cost-effective, even when you have members working from home.

Transfer and Pick Up Calls Remotely With BLF Functions

With visibility into the availability of their colleagues, your staff can easily answer a customer request to be transferred to a particular member of the team without delay. No need for repeated attempts to ring through to that member of staff to see if they’re available; one glance at the BLF status indicators of your VoIP phone system will tell you everything you need to know. This saves time for both your customers and your members of staff, improving company productivity and customer satisfaction with a single feature.

What’s more, even if part of your team works remotely or you have some members of staff in a separate room of the office to the rest, BLF can indicate to these less well connected individuals that the phones are busy and some support could be helpful. Again, this helps to share the burden of a heavy workload across multiple parts of the business, more efficiently dealing with busier periods and ensuring customers are heard and have their issues resolved, improving customer satisfaction and brand reputation.

Increased visibility Even For Teams Spread Over Multiple Locations

Especially useful for teams that work partly or wholly remotely, disparate members have oversight into the availability statuses of other members of the team at all times. When one member needs to check a quick technical detail with someone, they can just glance at the BLF status indicator to see whether that person is available or busy. This keeps collaboration and communication flowing, even when members don’t have the luxury of being face to face.

For secretaries and other first points of contact who need to transfer a lot of calls manually, almost no other business phone feature can save as much time. When combined with our IVF call menus for customer-driven call routing, BLF indication can have a huge impact on the efficiency of your phone system and greatly improve customer satisfaction.

See when team members are availble or busy on a call with Busy Lamp Fields (BLF).
Transfer and pick up calls remotely with no hassle using BLF functions.
Enjoy increased visibility for teams whether in the same building or spread over multiple locations.

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