Call Monitoring

Listen, Whisper and Join calls. Improve your employee training with our Call Monitor feature.

Call monitoring offers you the functionality to provide added on-call support for your employees and, in turn, spur your team to greater results. Listen to ongoing phone calls in real time, offer advice to staff and even jump in on existing calls to aid dispute resolution. For new starters and long-term employees alike, the ability to offer assistance and reassurance while they are on a call to customers can prove an invaluable asset in their progress with your team. With custom user permissions accessible via your Cloud PBX dashboard, these call monitoring features can be added and modified according to managerial roles if required. Try our VoIP phone system and try our call monitor features today.

Listen, Whisper or Join Ongoing Business Phone Calls's three call monitoring functions are known as listening, whispering and joining. Those with the appropriate permissions will find themselves able to listen into the calls of others, to listen to a call while ‘whispering’ directly into the ear of their colleague without the customer or client’s knowledge, and to join an ongoing phone call between two parties, making themselves heard to both sides.

In this way, call monitoring makes the act of making a phone call more akin to an in-person conversation. Just as you might overhear a conversation between a client and a junior member of staff and be able to chip in a useful piece of information that helps to land the company new business, you’ll be able to do the same with your business phone calls.

The listening feature is greatly useful for the training of new staff and for monitoring the performance of your employees in real-time. Our whisper feature makes it possible to actively coach any member of staff through a difficult conversation for all or part of its duration. The join feature opens up the possibility of adding a third voice to a conversation and, therefore, the potential acquisition of new business.

Train New Staff In Real-time During Business Conversations

With’s call whisper feature, you can actively listen to on-going phone calls and talk directly into the ear of your colleague without the customer’s knowledge. Use this to coach a new recruit through their first sale, to aid a member of your support team with a customer, or even to combine the technical know-how of your best engineer with the bed-side manner of your customer service veterans. Whatever the purpose you put our call whisper function to, it’s sure to lead to the best results for both your customers and your business.

Set User Permissions for Call Monitoring Features

Despite the incredible utility of our call monitoring business VoIP features, we understand that some members of staff might not want their calls being monitored - especially without their knowledge. As such, and as part of our extensive security and administration options, we’ve made it easy for account holders and administrators to manage call monitoring permissions for all users on the account. As a result, you can have full confidence that confidential calls between higher-level executives cannot be monitored by those without the authority, while those in positions that require such oversight can freely monitor the calls of those for whom they are responsible.

Such administrative options might sound difficult to figure, but with it’s as simple as logging into your the user dashboard for your phone system, heading to the Users panel and toggling call monitoring permissions for each user. Such permissions apply both ways, making it quick and easy to blanket-block others from monitoring the calls of this particular user, or to quickly grant/remove call monitoring permissions to users; perfect for the security and productivity of your business.

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Listen, Whisper or Join in-progress phone conversations via shortcode speed dials.
Use this feature to help train new staff when in conversation on incoming calls.
Set user management permissions for access to all or some of the Listen, Whisper and Join features.

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