Business Phone Systems - Voicemail Transcription

Receive your voicemail messages in text form, direct to your email inbox.

Turn your audio voicemails into text transcriptions in an instant. A great solution if you're in an environment or situation where you are unable to listen to your voicemails, or just want to search for key phrases within a voicemail message fast. With this feature you will receive a transcription of your voicemail message directly to your email inbox. This voicemail to text feature means you save paying for external transcription hardware, or per-minute voicemail transcription services, as our system works like a live receptionist, transcribing your voicemails for you.

Auto-Transcription of Business Voicemail

With its voice-to-text engine,’s business VoIP platform intelligently transcodes your voicemail messages from audio into text, transforming your audio into a format that is easily stored, parsed and searched. Give this data to your development team to generate new data for your marketing team, or just take advantage of an additional option in the way you digest received voicemail messages.

For those moments when you can’t listen to your voicemails, or would prefer to read your messages, you can do so quickly and easily with voicemail transcriptions. When you’re in a public space without headphones and don’t want to share your IP with the surrounding public, exercise discretion by turning to transcribed voicemail audio instead. Save your business money on outsourcing voicemail transcription for your records with an equivalent service integrated at no extra cost into your VoIP phone system.

Receive Voicemail Transcriptions Directly To Your Email Inbox

Built to work seamlessly with’s voicemail email notification system, voicemail transcriptions position themselves as an alternative to audio file attachments, accompanying your email notifications of newly received voicemail messages. Rather than listening to the attached file, you can read an intelligently created transcription of your voicemail message with no extra work required from you or any member of your staff.

Incredibly useful for determining how strongly a particular message pertains to your current priorities and business goals, or for recording easily-searchable information for posterity, voicemail-to-text transcription is sure to add value to your business’ operations whilst saving you time and money. Enjoy increased flexibility, control and productivity when you switch to our VoIP phone system, without the need for any specialist training or dedicated staff.

Send Voicemail Transcriptions to Multiple Destinations

Email notifications for newly received voicemail messages can be sent to any individual or group of individuals you’d like. With a quick action from your account administrator, all of the email addresses to which you’d like an alert sent can be listed and saved to our platform, ensuring your teams never miss an important message from a customer or client again.

This can be configured to suit your business’ needs. Whether you’d prefer that the entire department receive notification of newly received voicemails, or only carefully selected individuals, you’ll find no limitations with

If you’d like a business phone system that increases staff productivity whilst adding a ton of value in other areas of your business with features like call recording, best-in-class VoIP apps for mobile and desktop devices and a full enterprise chat feature, come on board with today - start by comparing our voice plans.

Turn your voicemail messages into text with voicemail transcription features.
Receive voicemail transcriptions direct to your email inbox.
Keep your team in the loop and set single or mutlple destinations to receive voicemail transcriptions.

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