Business Phone Systems - Short Code Commands

Access business phone system features via speed dial commands

Quickly access business phone system features with short code commands. Park and retrieve calls, monitor live calls in real-time and even switch call routes in a few quick button presses. Acting like shortcuts on your keypad, short codes add custom functionality to your business phone system and let you configure bespoke commands whenever you need them. Short codes are simple yet powerful and work globally from any device, so it doesn't matter if you're sitting in front of your VoIP desk phone or have the app within easy reach.

Short Codes Offer Easy Access to Business VoIP Features

With easy access to’s call parking and call monitoring functions by default, shortcodes are easily created to perform almost any function on your business’ phone system. Pause and resume call recording for the current call; modify your outgoing caller ID from call to call; park calls to one of five parking slots; all of this and more is possible with just three taps of your keypad when you configure short code commands.

Short codes lend an agility to high-level use of your phone system without the need for any expert knowledge. With only two digits involved, it’s easy to memorise your favourite shortcodes and experience the satisfaction of smoothly parking and picking up calls or switching from one caller ID to another as you exercise your multi-skilled nature, returning calls made to multiple departments.

Configure Short Codes to Record Audio, Change Call Routes and More

With the easy access to’s business VoIP features that short codes provide, you can leverage the tools and assets of your phone system on the fly - even whilst still on a call. Short codes can be configured effortlessly from the Config section of your account dashboard, meaning you can create as many short codes as you like in no time at all, giving you power-user status on our VoIP platform without having to learn any fancy commands or complicated techniques.

From your VoIP hardware phone or’s desktop or mobile VoIP apps, simply dial your shortcode and the corresponding command will come into effect. In three button pushes or taps of your keypad, you could be joining a call to add some great advice; listening into an ongoing call to learn more about a new product launching soon; pausing call recording to allow your caller to say something off-the-record or playing one of your custom audio files to your caller.

Increase Efficiency and Productivity with Short Codes

The ability to quickly navigate and toggle functions of your business phone system increases the efficiency of your business communications. When you and your staff are able to get the resolutions they’re looking for in less time as a result of a more efficient phone system, they can use their newfound time to build new value for your business in other ways.

If you’re interested in a business phone system that saves you time, adds powerful functionality and doesn’t cost the world, sign up with today or compare our voice plans.

Short code commands offer easy management access to cloud phone system features.
Easily configure short codes to record audio, change call routes, outgoing caller IDs and more.
Increase efficiency and productivity through short code speed dials.

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