Call Logs for Business Phone Systems

See full histories of calls made and received, via your online dashboard.

Our VoIP phone system gives you a full list of call logs for your business. With comprehensive filtering options, it’s possible to review your call history for a complete list of inbound, outbound and internal phone calls to and from your business phone numbers. You’ll be able to search by date, phone number and even answered versus unanswered calls. Get an overview of calls per extension and gauge costs and durations of calls easily. It’s even possible to use your logs for staff training or to analyse the data and determine your business’ busiest call times with easily downloadable, CSV format Call Detail Records (CDR). For busy working environments, these hosted VoIP call features will add another level of insight and control across your business, keeping you informed. Start managing your calls with a VoIP phone system today.

An Overview of all Your Business Phone Calls and Their Costs

With a comprehensive overview of all your calls stored right in your account dashboard, you have at-a-glance insight into the movements of your business. Access data related to your calls including call recordings, call durations and their costs all from one place. Filter through your search history by including or excluding any combination of internal, inbound and outbound business phone calls for any date and time range. The level of granularity extends even further as you filter by unanswered or answered calls and the calls’ status as recorded or unrecorded.

With such comprehensive search and filtering, not only do you have a bird’s eye view of your business, you also have as detailed and specific a view of your business’ calls as you’d care to acquire. You and your staff will be able to search for specific calls and, with our call recording feature, listen back to them to refresh the memory of an important discussion with a client, to recall a particular customer request, or to remind oneself of the specifics of a new project discussed with a supervisor. With’s call log history it’s easy for you and your staff to be the most informed and attentive advisors around.

Call Logging Data Drives Business Growth

In today’s world, it pays to be a business that’s data-driven. Use the business phone system to gather call data and use it to gain insight into the various corners of your business. When combined with our call statistics, our call log history panel will give you and your staff a deep understanding of how your customers feel and how your employees are performing.

A trend of longer call durations over the last few months might indicate that you’ve had more consumer interest, but it might also be a side effect of the recruitment drive you’ve undertaken recently. Perhaps your new recruits need some more support and training of their own in order to bring those call durations back in line with expectations.

Or, perhaps repeated calls of long duration are coming in from one particular customer. This could be an early warning signal that this customer isn’t happy with some part of your service. Reaching out to them personally to find out how they feel your service could be improved could warm them up to you and change your service for the better.

With the oversight you’ll achieve by simply logging into your dashboard, you’ll even be able to determine the busiest days and times for your business. Use this data to plan the shift rotas for your support team and to determine when it is or is not acceptable for multiple members of the team to take annual leave on the same day.

These are just some of the ways in which a business phone system can help you to grow and improve your business by making your call data easily accessible. If you think such a phone system could help you, come on board with today.

See an overview of all calls made in your account, plus their associated costs instantly in the Dashboard.
Enjoy full control of all your calls, including call transfers, conference call and calls on hold.
Use call history features to evaluate busiest call times, call durations and even quality of caller experience.

Are you ready to take your business communications to the next level?