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Call Parking

Free up your phone lines by parking calls and give your customers a comfortable, enjoyable caller experience.

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What is Call Parking?

Call parking is a feature of business phone systems that puts the caller into a virtual holding space, or ‘parking slot’, ready to be retrieved at any time by any staff member. The experience for the user is the same as being on hold, but there are several key advantages to call parking.

When you park a call, the phone line is freed to receive new calls, meaning you can serve more customers per unit of time. Also, any user can pick up a parked call. This allows for dynamic decision making between team members and maximum efficiency in call handling and customer service. What’s more, you can park calls in just three key presses with our phone system thanks to our shortcode commands.

Benefits of Call Parking

  • Make use of multiple call parking slots to handle calls with maximum efficiency.
  • Free up the phone line and serve more customers by parking a call instead of putting it on hold.
  • Any user can pick up a parked call, allowing for open-ended transfers.
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Related FAQ's

Your team gets multiple call parking spaces to work with, each with a custom shortcode (set to *11-15 by default). To park a call, simply dial any of these shortcodes while on a call. To pick a call back up, dial the shortcode again.

Using the shortcode for an occupied parking slot will play a quick message letting you know the slot is occupied. You can also view the statuses of all your call park slots any time from the Parked tab of our mobile and desktop apps.

You can use our call parking feature with all models of VoIP desk phones - no restrictions. For models that support it, you can also set up monitored call parking to see if a parking slot is free or busy.

Set custom shortcodes for your call parking spaces from the Short Codes tab of the Config section of your account dashboard.

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