Webhook Notifications for Your Business Phone System

Receive real-time event notifications relating to your hosted VoIP service via your website or app.

We make it easy for you to implement webhooks, sometimes called web callbacks, to receive up-to-the-minute notifications on events such as calls beginning and ending, new incoming calls being received, new voicemails being delivered to your voice-mailbox and delivery of e-faxes. Setting this feature up with our VoIP phone system is a simple case of adding a URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) like a URL to the dedicated webhooks page in your user Dashboard and adding the generated auth token to your website or web application. That’s all it takes to get access to your call data and use it to upgrade the way you conduct business.

Enabling webhooks allows you to receive live data for a variety of potential applications. You could combine with EPOS or CRM solutions, for example, with visibility into who is calling your business in real-time without even having to look at your phone, improving staff efficiency and productivity as well as your customers’ caller experience.

Real-time Call Information About Your Business Phone System

With our webhooks, you’ll be able to pull your Yay.com call data to your website or web application for use however you desire. If you need to move data across to your own website or application about calls being made to your business’ phone system, Yay.com’s webhooks are the easiest and most resource-efficient way of doing it.

Add a new entry to your website’s database whenever your business phone number receives a call from a number not yet in your system; use our webhooks to keep track of how often certain customers contact you as an alternative means of determining who your best customers are. Whenever you need to use data about calls to your business, you can use our webhooks to access it easily and simply.

Once enabled, webhooks make the world your oyster. Perform caller ID matching to display a pop-up with the caller’s details if you get a match, display a create contact screen if you pick up a call from a number not yet recognised; with our webhooks, all of this and more is possible with minimal coding required.

Create Webhooks for Incoming Calls, Voicemail and E-fax Notifications

We have a number of ready-to-use webhooks at your disposal, which can push alerts to you and your web applications when events occur including: the arrival of an incoming call; the picking up of a call; the putting down of a call; a received voicemail message; a received e-fax.

With this data, you can calculate additional information simply, including average call duration, your busiest times of the day for incoming calls and how many calls are picked up versus how many incoming calls you receive. Even if you just want to receive notifications for received voicemail messages, you can do this with Yay.com’s webhooks.

Implement Event Reactions with Your Web Application Without an API

As with all webhooks, Yay.com will push the requested data to you as and when something happens. As a result, you use fewer resources than if you were to use our API since your applications don’t need to periodically check in with us to see if anything has updated.

What’s more, webhooks are far easier to implement, with minimal coding necessary in exchange for access to highly useful data, so you can save company resources and budget while still providing your staff and users with a fantastic experience. Use this data to power events on your site with only your imagination and creativity as the limits.

Receive valuable call information as it happens in real-time.
Create webhooks for incoming calls, voicemail and efax notifications.
Easily implement event reactions with your website or application in a useful and resource-light way, without the need for an API.

Are you ready to take your business communications to the next level?