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Business SMS

Send text messages to your clients, customers and colleagues from your business phone number.

What is Business SMS?

Business SMS messaging allows you to send professional text messages in bulk to as many recipients as you like. This is invaluable for keeping customers and clients up to date with your latest promotions, product releases and updates.

The service can be used as a broadcasting channel, sending important announcements at speed across sectors of your customer base or business. Messages can be drafted ahead of time and scheduled for sending when you’re ready.

Since the service uses simple SMS messaging, compatibility concerns are a non-issue.

With our SMS service, businesses can manage messages in the form of campaigns. Quality of life features include message drafts that can be saved for later, message and campaign filtering, and real-time message previews as they’ll appear to your recipients.

Benefits of Business SMS

Create and manage SMS campaigns to keep customers in the loop.
Send or schedule messages to as many as a full phone book of contacts.
Compose messages and view real-time updates of how your message will appear to recipients.

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