Business Phone Systems - Click to Dial (Chrome

Automatically dial phone numbers with just a single click.

Click to dial, also known as click to call or click to talk, offers the ability to make calls in real-time via your VoIP phone system just by clicking designated text on a website. Our click to dial browser extension automatically detects phone numbers on webpages and converts them into clickable links, allowing quick and easy one-click dialing. Whether you download the Chrome or Firefox browser extension, or configure functionality at API level, this feature will replace the effort spent manually dialling phone numbers with a single click.

Our click-to-dial extension is compatible with any webpage or CRM, including Hubspot, Zoho CRM and Pipedrive. For organisations with high volumes of outgoing calls, customer support teams and sales environments, this feature will enhance productivity, streamline calling processes and speed up the closing of sales.

Dial On-Screen Phone Numbers In A Single Click

If your staff members are on the phone all day making outbound calls, it’s worth noting that it can take up to 20 seconds to key a phone number into your phone from an on-screen reference. Once you’ve keyed the phone number in and double checked it, 20 seconds becomes a conservative estimate. On those more-common-than-you’d-like occasions where a number is input incorrectly, this results in even more wasted time.

With a target of 100 calls per day, your sales and recruitment teams will be spending 2000 seconds per day keying in phone numbers, which equates to more than 30 minutes per day. Reclaim this time by using click-to-dial.

With our desktop VoIP apps and a hands-free headset, your staff will be able to make an additional 5-6 calls a day, spend more time making sure their client notes are accurate and up-to-date and otherwise maximising their productivity. People often wonder what could be achieved with an extra hour in a day. We can’t quite promise that, but we’ll give you an extra half-hour a day when you sign up with us.

Increase Productivity With Click-to-Dial

With more time in the day, your staff can spend more of it on the things that really bring returns to your business. With an extra half an hour, that extra breathing room throughout the day means a more alert employee and more closed deals over the course of a year. Whether you’re all about the performance results at the end of the day or you’re more interested in what has been achieved over the course of a year, when it comes to sales, recruitment and other outbound-call driven roles, this time saving feature is sure to affect your bottom line and your staff’s performance for the better.

Easily Integrates With Your Business Phone System

Compatible with Chrome and Firefox browsers as an easy-to-install extension, our click-to-dial feature is compatible with any webpage, turning any on-screen phone number into a clickable link that fires up your VoIP app and has it ringing in less than a second. For those new recruits still slightly shy about picking up the phone, the act-before-you-can-think approach is more than possible here. One click and they’re already talking to your newest client, customer or business partner.

If saving time for your staff and positively impacting your business’ bottom line is important to you, your business’ phone system could make more of an impact than you’d think. Try and all its great business VoIP features for free today with a VoIP trial, or get started right away with comparing our voice plans.

Automatically dial phone numbers on a webpage with just a single click.
Increase productivity and save time spent manually dialing numbers by downloading our browser extensions.
Easily integrates with your business phone system and any webpage.

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