Email Forwarding

Create a unique email address that forwards incoming emails to another email address of choice.

Our free of charge email forwarding feature allows you to create unique email addresses that can redirect the mail sent to you, to an alternative email address. All without the need to create a mailbox or set up a mail server. Provide a more professional appearance to clients with this domain feature.

Acting like a virtual email address, this feature can be useful for redirecting emails to long, unmemorable email address or to a free email address such as a Hotmail or Gmail address. Working in a similar way to postal mail being redirected to a new house address, our fully flexible service lets you set up several email forwarders that all converge to a single mailbox address if you so wish. You can also create email forwarders for colleagues or family in no time at all. Try out the email forwarding service included with your domain name registration today.

Forward mail to non-memorable or long email addresses via a professional looking email address.
Create multiple unlimited email forwarders on your domain name.
Make your email address appear as memorable as your domain name.

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