Business Phone Systems - Call Queuing

Keep callers on the line with our advanced call queue system.

Ensure you never miss an important sale with our advanced call queuing features. Call queuing places your customers in an ordered queue, making it easier for employees to manage calls when volumes might be higher than expected. This call queuing feature also helps manage caller expectations, with regular voice prompts notifying them of their position in the queue and custom on-hold music playlists as entertainment. Once agents are free, calls are transferred in the order they came in. Be sure you never miss a call again without sacrificing quality of caller experience. To benefit from this business VoIP feature, sign up today.

Reduce Call Abandonment Rates with Call Queues

Call queues are a versatile, customisable way of keeping your callers on the line even when you don’t have any operatives available. By simply keeping your callers informed and communicating with them that you appreciate their call, it’s possible to keep more potential customers on the line, preserving new leads as they form and preventing them from going cold. This means more new business, more growth for your company and a better brand reputation. With’s call queuing system, powered by the synchronicity of our hunt groups, queue notices and modular call routing engine, you can create the best possible caller experience for your customers and clients.

Create Custom Queue Notices For Your Callers

Making sure your customers know that you value their time and their call is crucial if you’re to keep them on the line. Using generic, stock audio messages may not communicate this effectively, so we set out to solve this problem by allowing you to upload your own custom messages for your callers. With custom audio, you can script out exactly what you’d like your callers to hear, record it as an audio file and upload it to your VoIP dashboard to be inserted into your call queue at just the right moment. Use a professional voice actor for this or, if you’d prefer, just use our text-to-speech engine to convert a written script into a usable audio file. When your customers know you value their time and are being updated as to their progress in your call queue, they should be far more willing to wait a few moments for an advisor to become available.

As queue notices, you’ll be able to control how these messages are presented to your callers too. Perhaps you think the default playback frequency is too high and would like callers to only be updated once every two minutes? No problem. You’ll be able to specify a duration in minute increments or input your own desired frequency in seconds for ultimate control. Add audio files of your choice, create playlists and adjust frequency and caller wait times with the VoIP phone system.

Manage Inbound Business Phone Calls with Ring Strategies

Our call queue ring strategies give you control over the order in which your phones ring. Options for ring strategies include beginning with users that have answered the fewest calls, beginning with those that have been idle the longest and those that have spent the least time on the phone for a given period. You’ll be able to cycle through every member of a hunt group, individually or in a manner that continues to ring the previous member until every user in the hunt group is ringing at once. This way, you can direct calls to your freshest operatives first, automatically balancing workloads and making for a happier, more efficient workforce. is a monthly subscription service, meaning you’ll never be tied into a contract you’re not happy with. With no risk to your business and the benefits of a happier, more efficient workforce on the horizon, sign up with today or try out our business phone system with a fourteen day free VoIP trial.

Call queuing reduces call abandonment rates, manages your callers and keeps them on the line until you are able to answer their call.
Create queue notices for your inbound callers. Add audio files of your choice, create playlists, plus adjust frequency and caller wait times too.
Manage the flow of calls to your teams using ring strategies to choose whose phone will ring and in which order. Options include users that have answered the fewest calls, those that have been idle the longest, in sequential order and more.

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