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SIP Trunks for Business Phone Systems

Configure SIP Trunks to send calls to your own on-premises hardware PBX.

With you can combine your existing on-premises PBX with our hosted VoIP service. While our VoIP platform directs calls to desired destinations via a virtual, ‘cloud’ PBX, we appreciate that some businesses may still operate on-premises PBX systems.

For companies that would like to continue using this hardware, we offer full SIP trunk capabilities. You’ll be able to send calls to your PBX or blend with our VoIP phone system to use features like business voicemail or conditional call routing for a fully integrated, seamless solution.

Whatever the SIP Trunking needs of your business, our flexible business VoIP platform can help your organization save on costs while increasing the efficiency of doing business. Combine our SIP trunk features with your PBX and start saving today.

No charge for incoming phone calls.

When you take advantage of for SIP trunking, not only will you not have to give up your present hardware configuration, you’ll also save your business money. Incoming calls are free when you use as your call carrier, so you’ll get to keep the same business phone system configuration you’ve been using, but without any extortionate call costs. All of your call routing, hold music and other phone system configurations will still be set up through your on-site PBX, but we’ll handle the routing of calls once they’re out of your building and on the wider internet.

You’ll only pay for outbound calls, so if your business makes a lot of outbound calls it would still be more cost effective to use the whole VoIP phone system with one of our pay monthly plans. If, however, yours is a business dealing mostly with inbound calls and you don’t want to get rid of your existing hardware, then you can use us for SIP trunking and take advantage of these savings.

Combine our IVR system with your SIP Trunk for a professional caller experience.

Not only do you benefit from better call costs for outbound calls, free inbound calls and easy configuration, you’ll also benefit from some great features exclusive to business VoIP that you won’t find with a traditional phone system.

One such feature is our IVR call menus, which allows you to step up your business phone system’s level of sophistication with press 1, press 2 style menus that callers can use to navigate to the right solution and/or department for their query.

Hybrid solutions are possible for those with business phone systems at multiple sites.

If you have businesses across multiple sites, you can use to build a kind of hybrid solution. If one site has dedicated IT personnel in place, happy to do the relatively complicated work of configuring your on-site PBX, but a second or third site doesn’t, you can have dedicated users for the sites that don’t and have our platform route calls bound for the PBX site to a SIP trunk.

This way, you can leave existing hardware in place, but grow your business to new sites without having to fork out the cost of a new PBX for this new site, effectively getting the best of both worlds and managing the whole lot from a single account online. This is just one of the ways in which our VoIP platform shows off its versatility.

Analogue Phone System Failover

For those who don’t quite feel comfortable entrusting their business’ communications to the cloud entirely, it may be prudent to put in place an analogue failover. You can purchase a PBX with an analogue phone line in it, use the VoIP platform for your day-to-day calls, but have your call routing set up to route calls to your PBX if/when your internet connection goes down. The PBX’s analogue line will continue making calls even in this eventuality, making your business’ phone system bulletproof.

Easily configure incoming/outgoing calls to your on-premises PBX hardware.
No charge for incoming phone calls.
Combine our IVR system with your SIP Trunk for a professional caller experience.

Are you ready to take your business communications to the next level?