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Business Phone Systems - Audio Library

Comprehensive audio library features to use with your cloud phone system.

Get started straight away with an inclusive audio and sound fx library. We include a huge range of audio to help make it easier for you to set up your VoIP phone system. From ringtones and welcome messages through to hold music, our extensive audio library ensures your phone system sounds as professional as possible to your callers. As well as our comprehensive audio library, we include added options to upload and record your own audio, such as greetings or voice prompts. Join today and see how easy it is to set up your cloud voice solution.

Extensive Sound FX and Audio Library to Get You Started

The more complex and powerful your business phone system, the more audio files you’ll need to create to ensure all messages to customers are friendly, informative and personal. That’s why we’ve built a way for you to keep all of your audio files neatly organised and easily accessible, no matter how large your library gets.

Newcomers to business VoIP, however, are unlikely to have dozens of audio files ready to go from the start and that in no way lessens the need for a phone system that leaves its customers feeling heard and respected. When you first fire up your VoIP phone system and log in to your user dashboard, you’ll find a well-stocked library of audio files waiting to go. All files are free for you to use at no additional cost, so go ahead and put them in place - either permanently or until all your custom sounds and personalised audio messages are ready to be implemented.

On-Hold Audio To Enhance Your Business’ Phone System

From catchy, upbeat tunes to keep your customers’ feet tapping while they wait to informative, automated messages keeping customers informed as to their position in an ongoing call queue, our audio library has what you need.

On-hold audio doesn’t have to be lifeless and’s phone system puts you back in control. Replace stock violins with Bruce Springsteen or Summer of ‘69 to bring a smile to the faces of your customers while they wait. Or, use your marketing data to determine exactly what your customer base listens to and play them some of their favourites; if it’s club classics they want, that’s what they’ll get when you sign up to

Preview or Download Audio Before Adding To A Custom Playlist

All of our pre-loaded audio in your library can be easily played back or downloaded for you to get a feel for whether it’s right for you and your business. Once you’ve decided on the audio you’d like, you can add it to a custom playlist. Playlists for different moods or customer bases can be assigned to different call routes to ensure you’re always appealing to the right crowd with your phone system audio. What’s more, with a single click you can set a playlist as your default hold music to cover all your bases, so your customers are always entertained while they wait to be served.

If you’d like this level of control over your business phone system’s audio files, sign up to today.

Extensive sound fx and audio library to help get you started.
Make a professional impression on your callers with our on-hold audio.
Easily preview or download audio before adding it to a custom playlist.

Are you ready to take your business communications to the next level?