Text To Speech for Phone System Voicemail and Call Queues

Easily create audio for voicemail greetings, call routes, voice prompts and more using our text to speech feature.

Create Custom Audio for Your VoIP Phone System

With our powerful text to speech feature you can create custom audio files to use with your hosted VoIP system in no time at all.

We know it’s not always practical to hire a professional voice artist to record all the voice messaging for your IVR call menus or on-hold prompts. We also know that using standard or stock pre-recorded messages fails to separate you from the throng of other businesses also using VoIP. With that in mind, our text to speech engine empowers you to create custom audio files simply and easily; input a text script and hear it instantly converted into high quality audio for use with your VoIP phone system.

Suitable for businesses of any size and applicable to any situation, our text to speech VoIP feature is available in over twenty different languages including Spanish, German and Japanese. From your greetings and voice prompts, all the way through to your promotional or out-of-hours messaging, use this innovative audio solution to bring your ideal phone system to life and to build engagement with your callers.

Move your company up to VoIP and across to Yay.com to take advantage of this text to speech feature today.

Instantly Create Audio Files for Your VoIP Phone System.

When you’re caught up in the excitement of setting up your own business, or are thrilled by the many opportunities offered by your new system, you’ll want to have things up and running as soon as possible.

With our text to speech feature, you can create a custom audio message for your customers to hear when calling your business in no time at all. Type your custom message into the text field, select your voice actor and you’re good to go. You can also upload custom messages recorded elsewhere, or record custom messages right into the Yay.com dashboard.

Choose Voice Type, Language and Actor for Your Custom Audio.

We understand that, when customers and clients call, they want to feel right at home right away. That’s why we’ve made available a wide range of options when it comes to choosing an actor for your custom audio message. Both male and female voices are available in a variety of languages.

Where appropriate, businesses can even choose from regional, accented voices such as Welsh English, American English and Australian English. There are two different actors to choose from each gender and language, giving you room to find just the right fit for you and your business’ phone system.

Capture the Perfect Phrasing with Real-time Message Previews.

When it comes to creating an enduring message that will resonate with your customers, it’s crucial that you know what your customers will be experiencing before pulling the trigger. Things don’t always sound the same when said out loud as they do on paper, so it helps that, with Yay.com’s text to speech engine, you can listen to a preview of your message at the click of a button. Edit and tweak your custom audio messages even as you’re listening to them for the first time, making for a tight feedback loop that is sure to help you create the perfect custom message.

Bring Natural, Life-like Audio to Life from Any Text Script.

Long or short, personal or formal, no message is off limits with custom audio. With our text-to-speech option, it’s quick and easy to begin customising your customers’ phone-in experience with you. At no extra cost, this is an easy way to elevate your company in the eyes of your customers and solidify your edge over the competition.

Whether it’s a stop-gap measure until you’ve found a suitable voice actor to record a message for you or a permanent solution, your customers are bound to notice the improvement in caller experience when using custom audio. From being told how much their call is valued whilst waiting in your call queue, to being greeted the first time they call the business, custom audio represents an added personal touch that your customers can’t help but notice. Now, with text to speech, that personal touch is easier than ever to achieve and it’s available from Yay.com at no extra charge.

Instantly create audio files that are available to use with your VoIP phone system.
Choose from a variety of options including voice type, language and actor.
Bring natural, life-like audio to life from text scripts of any length.

Are you ready to take your business communications to the next level?