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User Extension Management

Easily manage your users and extensions from your online dashboard.

We provide you with full user and call extension management. With each user corresponding to an extension, if you're expanding your team or VoIP phones in the office, you only simply need add a user. Your plans can grow with your business, making our VoIP service super-scalable and flexible for your needs. Assign extensions to call routes to simplify transferring to different departments or incoming call paths. With full management available via a single online dashboard you can also easily manage multi-site teams from one easy location. Explore a wide range of permissions and roles available of you and your organisation at the touch of your fingertips. Want to provide management personnel with greater responsibilities? No problem, simply assign them though your online Dashboard.
Easily scale your phone extensions by simply adding users. We grow with your business.
Manage extensions and users from any location via one central online Dashboard.
Create extensions for individuals and groups and combine with smart call routing for an efficient call experience.

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