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Music On-Hold as a Phone System Function

Make sure your business sounds the best with our hosted VoIP music on-hold features.

Easily Upload Sound Files Through Your Business VoIP Dashboard

Your business, your brand identity. If you’re a brand that distances itself from dour dispositions and want to treat your customers to arena rock, Ibiza anthems or club hits, you can do that with Need your customers to know that yours is a company of sophistication? Only the most refined of classical movements or jazz numbers will do? No problem. You can upload whatever audio you like and play it back to your customers as they wait to be passed into the capable hands of your team.

We’ve made uploading audio files to your VoIP phone system as easy as possible, because creating the phone system you want shouldn’t be difficult. All you need to do is head to the Audio section of the dashboard, where you’ll be able to upload any file you like. You’ll even be able to add a custom label to your file and assign it to a type/category, keeping your audio library neatly organised as it grows so you’ll never lose track of your favourite tunes.

Assign Different Audio to Specific Call Routes or Users

With every feature of you have all the flexibility and versatility you could possibly need. Perhaps those who’ve chosen, through your IVR call menu, to be put through to the returns department or the customer services team might not be in the best of moods. Something calming, perhaps, to soothe their nerves could go over nicely.

Someone looking for sales, on the other hand, who’s all but ready to buy, might be better served by something more upbeat and exciting, encouraging their imagination to run wild with future possibilities and the benefits of doing business with your company.

Or, perhaps yours is a company with an unparalleled personal touch. Your staff are a cast of characters as lively and varied as that of your favourite Netflix drama. Bassoon for Bruno, guitars for Gary and blues harp for Harry? No sweat. Your team can be played in by their very own theme, if you like. As you should know by now, with nothing is off limits.

Create and Update Unique Playlists that Reflect Your Brand

No matter how much you love your favourite song, variety is the spice of life and people will move quickly from liking to loving waiting for you to pick up the phone if you’ve put together a plentiful playlist of custom corkers to play them while they wait. Redefine the experience of being put on hold or waiting in a queue by sharing a stomping live set by your favourite band. If you know your customer base, you can’t really go wrong here, so pick something that reflects your brand identity that you believe your customers will love. You might even have your own staff picking up the phone to put themselves on hold during quieter moments.

On-hold Redefined

Music on-hold can play an important part in any brand’s image. Our VoIP phone system lets you create playlists that are extensions of your business’ personality and brand. Create calm playlists for calls to the support department or use fast tempo tunes for your adventure holidays order line. The choices are endless. Plus, with audio options not just limited to music, you can record your very own custom audio, too. This would be ideal for promoting seasonal offers to a caller or providing them with informational on-hold messaging. With a VoIP phone system and options for multiple playlists, you can be as creative as you like and as your business demands. Start compiling your business’ on-hold music today with’s business phone systems.

Easily upload your own sound files through your online Dashboard.
Apply different audio to specific call routes or users. Tailor your on-hold music to the needs of incoming callers.
Create unique defined playlists which can be updated at any time and reflect your brand identity.

Are you ready to take your business communications to the next level?