Domain Name Privacy

WHOIS protection offers free additional data security for your domain names.

When you register your domain names with us, we offer you free additional protection through our domain privacy features. When registering a domain name with any domain registrar, ICANN, the governing body of domains, requires that your information is automatically entered into a public database called the WHOIS. This database exists as an important tool for law enforcement, intellectual property and trademark owners. With our domain privacy features, you can be sure that your registration details, including your name, email address and phone number, remain private on the WHOIS database.

Our WHOIS privacy service provides proxy details which ensure that you still remain owner of your domains but your own registrant details are masked from public gaze. This means that you can be safe in the knowledge that your private information will be hidden from spammers, domain hijackers, identity thieves or stalkers. If you moonlight with another secondary business you can have peace of mind that your anonymity will be protected.

Our system will forward on to you any legitimate or legal related non-spam emails so you won’t miss out on any important communication. Buy your domain names from us and enjoy the extra security of free domain privacy today.

Keep your domain registration details private with our secure domain privacy.
Our proxy details mask your details to keep you safe and reduce the risk of spam or domain hijacking.
Our WHOIS domain privacy service stops junk emails from reaching you, so you only receive legitimate or official legal related emails.

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