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Handle holiday business calls with your Cloud PBX

Handle holiday business calls with your Cloud PBX

Throughout the year, your business will be met with a variety of public holidays ranging from the odd bank holiday Monday through to slightly longer Christmas breaks. Some businesses choose to stay open during this time and may even find some of their busiest periods occurring during these holidays depending on the sector. Then there are the businesses that choose to close over these periods.

Let your Cloud PBX handle your holiday calls

If you're a business that is closed over a bank holiday or Christmas holiday, what happens to your phone lines? Are callers who are phoning throughout the day going to be met with a monotonous dial-tone every time they call your premises? Luckily with your Cloud PBX and Out of Hours Custom Days settings, you can ensure you handle your calls smartly and with the minimum of fuss to your callers.

You may have already set up your regular Out of Hours scheduling to handle what happens when callers phone your office or store after business hours. This scheduling may well already be utilising Cloud PBX options such as choosing to play a polite message notifying callers of business hours, forwarding them to another phone number, or directing them to leave a voicemail message. Custom Days scheduling offers the added bonus of taking care of those random days such as bank holidays, Easter or Christmas breaks when the business might be closed for a time.

Custom Day settings provide peace of mind on public holidays

Custom Day settings will override regular Out of Hours diaries. All you need to do is set the dates and times that you want the custom diary to start and end, then pick a call route that you want incoming calls to follow on those days. If you are setting up a Custom Day diary for a bank holiday you can ensure the message that callers hear is relevant to the upcoming holiday too. Similarly, you can create seasonal messaging for holidays like Christmas as well.

As Custom Day settings take precedent, it is possible to assign different call routes to those otherwise used on your regular Out of Hours diary. While you might tend to usher callers to leave a voicemail message on your usual Out of Hours settings, if you foresee business being a little quieter on the bank holiday, you can use your Custom Day scheduling to forward calls to an alternate mobile phone number instead. You might even choose to set up a custom IVR menu with special options for the holidays if you want. 

Our Cloud PBX is flexible enough to ensure that whether your business is operating at full force over the holidays, reduced service or simply taking a break, your callers will always be met with a professional and polite impression.

Easily set-up custom business hours scheduling

To set up a Custom Day schedule, simply log into your Yay.com Dashboard and navigate to My VoIP > Routing > Out of Hours and choose the times, days and call route for your custom schedule. Check out our FAQ for an Out of Hours walkthrough too.

If you are yet to start using our hosted VoIP service, you can try out a 30 day VoIP trial today and enjoy the peace of mind that a professional VoIP phone system with Out of Hours call scheduling brings.

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