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Cloud VoIP Phone Systems Help Businesses Compete With Competitors

Cloud VoIP Phone Systems Help Businesses Compete With Competitors

Whether you are an established business or a growing startup, in today's climate it can be tough keeping up with increased competition. With that in mind, it's wholly worthwhile switching up to VoIP and a cloud phone system to provide your company with a valuable competitive advantage.

Affordable entry level and advanced phone system

Our cloud-based VoIP system offers integral enterprise business features at attainable costs. So professional features that might have only been available to more established organisations are now within the grasp of businesses of all sizes. These include features such as auto-attendants, interactive call menus, call recording and call queuing. Configure call menus to make your company appear larger or additionally, set up call queues to reduce call abandonment rates and control the flow of calls to your attendants, no matter how big or small a team they might be.

Access detailed data too with features such as Wallboards which provide businesses with the ability to see tiled call queue statistics on a smartphone or large plasma screen. Download call data to work out busiest call times or work out your longest call times. No matter the size of your business, these power features are all easily accessible with a VoIP phone system.

No space, no problem

VoIP phone systems also remove the complexity that used to be associated with up-to-the minute phone system installation. Getting an on-premises PBX installed in your place of work, be it an office or a warehouse, wasn't always the most convenient phone solution. Hardware was often expensive and required specialist knowledge to set up.

Space and time considerations were always a factor, with installation windows proving prohibitive too. Running a lean startup for example can mean that you need to run your business out of the space that is readily available, so having a phone system in the Cloud offers greater flexibility in this respect. VoIP is also location independent, so being based in the same office or several different locations is never a problem for you and your team. Adding extensions is as easy as adding a new user, so teams can expand at will without needless installation or configuration times.

For agile startups and entrepreneurial enterprises, the ability to get started at speed and efficiently can be a great benefit, especially in cases where launching at the right time and right place is imperative.

Create a great first impression

While smaller businesses may have been limited to using mobile/cellphone numbers when setting up their businesses, dedicated local and non-geographic phone numbers are no longer limited to larger companies. Due to the lack of installation time and setup needs for VoIP phone numbers, the overheads for setting up your own dedicated business phone numbers is refreshingly low. Plus dialling out, receiving calls on your own number and placing it on your website will offer a more professional first impression when dealing with clients.

More available funds due to low cost

Through a VoIP phone system you can lower your costs compared to old PBXs and copper landlines. These savings can also ensure that you can use funds that may have been spent on communications hardware or maintenance, can now be spent on other business needs to help you give you an advantage over competitors such as marketing and promotion.

Ensure you don't miss out on the Cloud advantage

Experience a greater breadth and depth of call features available to you than ever before, an increased budget to spend on your business marketing, and the option to expand your teams not just within multiple rooms in an office, but throughout the world. A Cloud-based VoIP phone system can really help improve productivity, work smarter, and bolster any new or existing business into an ascendancy over competitors.

Find out why we're the VoIP provider of choice for SMEs and try our VoIP system free for 14 days.

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