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Cloud PBX features - More than just making phone calls

Cloud PBX features - More than just making phone calls

You've purchased a hosted VoIP phone system primarily to make and receive phone calls? Great! You're already saving money on call costs and providing a professional experience to your inbound callers, but are you getting the most from your service?

Now you wouldn't be wrong to jump on the benefits of low call costs for your business, but if that's all you're using your Cloud PBX for, you could very well be missing out on some very important additional and alternative uses.

Send fax via email using your own fax number

That's right, you can make phone calls, but you can also send and receive fax via email too. All without the need to smother your desk space with a physical fax machine. Does anyone still use fax machines? Well, yes. Certain professions such as those in the legal, real estate or medical industries rely on fax to send documents to other offices. With this unique efax feature though, it's possible to save space, time and money simultaneously. Plus, receiving fax online is completely free and you get your own dedicated fax number too.

Open doors with your Cloud PBX

The use of VoIP is not only limited to making phone calls and sending a fax.  You can also operate intercom and VoIP door entry systems with the push of a button. So if you're on the 2nd floor of your office building and there's someone buzzing the front door, you can use your business phone system to speak to them and grant them entry remotely via a phone keypad press or key code combo. Not just confined to the office, you can hook your VoIP phone up to your home entry system so you need never miss a delivery from the postman ever again!

Personalised on-hold music and audio

Our hosted VoIP system comes with a host of audio features which provide the ability to create playlists and record your own bespoke on-hold audio. This means that your playlists and on-phone audio can be truly unique and completely reflect your organisation or brand. Plus if you fancy, you can even record yourself singing your very own company ditty! Or perhaps you'd just like to create a seasonal audio playlist to ensure your customer-facing messaging is always topical and current.

Virtual meetings via hosted VoIP

Need a meeting room but all your colleagues are in different offices? This is no problem with VoIP, just create a virtual office via our conference bridge function and get everyone to dial into a dedicated phone number or select a touch-tone option. It's all possible via a VoIP Cloud PBX. Again, combine it with your custom audio greeting and make your virtual meeting room reflective of your company. This is also useful if you need to hold discussions with multiple clients or suppliers over large distances.

Instant voicemail to email

Your business phone system also acts to catch your missed calls and record voicemails for you. These can be downloaded from your online Dashboard or delivered directly to your email inbox. With innovative voice-to-email transcription technology, you also receive a transcript of your phone message, saving you the time of listening to those extra-long voicemail messages, just for that one little bit of information that you needed!

This is just a small sample of alternative VoIP features that you may not have realised were possible. Hopefully, we've managed to touch on VoIP's potential to enhance any business, big or small. New and experimental uses for VoIP phone systems are popping up all the time, even including the ability to turn lights on and off via phone. It's certainly exciting to see where things will go.

Make sure you try out some of these features and if you need any help setting them up, do contact us.  We're always happy to help!

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