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Local phone number business benefits

Local phone number business benefits

Having a geographic phone number can help attract local business

Geographic phone numbers are those that are specifically linked to particular regions.  For example, the 0161 area code is used for Manchester phone numbers, whilst 0151 phone numbers are specific to Liverpool. Using a number that's connected to a region can inspire trust and loyalty in your business amongst local customers. For any business, listing a local phone number on your website will look more professional, reliable and trustworthy than a mobile phone number. In some cases, listing a local phone number can even give you an advantage over businesses with a generic phone number as visitors can feel that they will receive a more personalised service.

A local phone number can help you be found more easily

More and more consumers are using their mobile device when searching the internet, with click-to-call functionality increasing in popularity. Having a local number, especially one associated with your Google search result, can encourage viewers to call your business. This is especially useful if people are searching for your office or store whilst nearby or on the move.

A dedicated phone number is more marketable

Having a geographic phone number on your advertising and marketing copy is infinitely more professional than a mobile phone number. However, with our VoIP service, if you would prefer to answer marketing lead calls on your mobile, no problem! Our smart call forwarding can send incoming calls to your virtual phone number, direct to your mobile, all without the caller noticing.

Securing a number in a prestigious city can be advantageous

Owning a business phone number associated with a major city can help boost your business' presence. If your business is competing worldwide, having a prestigious London 020 phone number can make you look more attractive and credible.

Be local even if you're not

If you're unable for set up a store in your destination of choice, have businesses in multiple locations, or employ remote workers, using a VoIP service with a virtual phone number ensures that you can appear local to your customers even when you're not physically able to be.

If you move, take your number with you

Likewise, if you have to move offices halfway across the country, a hosted VoIP service lets you take your phone number with you; great if you don't want your existing customers to have to learn a new number for you.

Securing your own local phone numbers can be a huge benefit to your business. With our state of the art VoIP phone system, we let you choose your own phone numbers with your call plan. It's easy and quick to set up and you'll have your phone ringing off the hook in no time!

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