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Keep existing phone numbers when moving to the VoIP Cloud

Keep existing phone numbers when moving to the VoIP Cloud

Leaving your current phone number behind can be a real wrench. If you've ever moved house or business premises or changed provider after owning a phone number for some time, you'll appreciate just how easy it is to become attached to those digits.

If your number is a vanity number or suitably memorable number, it can even play an integral part in your brand identity and day to day business life. In those situations, leaving your phone number behind when you change offices might just not be an option for your business.

Luckily with our Cloud-based VoIP phone solution it's easy to bring your phone number with you.

Porting or transferring phone numbers

Transferring a phone number, also known as number porting is, as you may have guessed, the process of moving a phone number from one premises or one service provider to another.

As our business phone system is Cloud-based, you can operate your phone number independent of whatever location you're based in. So you can take your business phone number with you even if you change premises.

Number porting is a process our teams have a lot of experience in and we'll always do our utmost to maintain a smooth and seamless transfer for you and your business. When transferring a number to our platform, we'll give you regular updates, so you'll know when your phone number will be transferring to us and will be able to configure all your call routing prior to transfer completion. So your business won't experience any downtime and transferring your number will be a simple pain-free process. We'll even let you benefit from our call rates by adding your number as an Alternative Caller ID while it's in the midst of transferring to us.

Why keep your existing phone number?

There are a few reasons why you might want to keep hold of your current phone numbers.

  • Your customers, clients or contacts may be familiar with your current number. They might even know it off by heart!

  • It’s a particularly unique, memorable or vanity phone number, making it a great asset for new business.

  • You’re migrating your team to a modern VoIP phone system and want to keep your team’s direct dials (DDIs).

  • You’ve been using your phone number as a component in your advertising campaigns.

  • Your phone number is an extension of your brand identity.

Whatever your reasons for transferring your business phone numbers to us, we're sure that you'll find it a perfectly easy process. Start the transfer today and keep connected with your callers.

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