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Memorable business phone number advantages

Memorable business phone number advantages


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Quick Summary

What makes a memorable phone number easier to remember? Learn how hosted VoIP and a memorable number can benefit your business.

If you're tired of receiving business calls to your mobile phone, you might be considering purchasing a Cloud PBX and a phone number. We would always advise investing in a business phone number as it not only appears more professional to customers and clients but it also helps to make your business looks larger.

While local or non-geographic phone numbers are a necessity for any serious business, if you want to go the extra mile and increase recall of your business, you may want to consider using a memorable phone number.

What is a memorable phone number?

A memorable number, as the term might suggest is a number that's easy for us to remember. These numbers typically take the form of a local STD area code such as 020 for London or 0161 for Manchester followed by digits that might be particularly memorable or repetitive such as 777 50 50.

Why are these numbers more memorable?

To start to understand why these numbers are more memorable, we first have to dive into our working memory. This is the system that we use to temporarily hold and interpret information.

According to Baddeley's Model of Working Memory, one of the central concepts of the working memory is something called the 'phonological loop'. This is the part of the memory that deals with spoken and written material. This is made up of two parts: 1) the 'phonological store' which is linked to our perception of speech and holds information in speech-based form for 1-2 seconds; and 2) the 'articulatory control process' or the inner voice. This is the part that rehearses and stores verbal information from the 'phonological store'. So, when you see or hear a new phone number, our working memory is what we use to remember it.

Psychologist George Miller, one of the founders in the cognitive psychology field, theorised that the number of objects an average human can hold in our working memory is seven, plus or minus, two. So instead of remembering 10 or 11 separate digits, we find it easier to group these together. This is also known as 'chunking'. So in the case of a phone number, if they can be easily organised together into smaller groupings, they can be recalled much easier than random digits. If these groups are easily repeatable, then this can be an added factor in terms of its memorability.

Benefits and uses of a memorable phone number

Of course one of the large benefits for your business is that your phone number will be more memorable than those of your competitors. Having a memorable number can also be extremely useful in terms of marketing too. For example, if you are running a radio or print campaign, having a number that customers can easily recall will definitely be an advantage to you. In the case of radio advertising for example, if potential customers recognise your number more easily then they are more likely to think of you first and use your services.

Secure your memorable phone number today

We have a huge range of memorable phone numbers available for your business, whichever UK region you're in. Plus with a virtual VoIP phone number and hosted VoIP service, you can take it with you even if you move offices.

So make sure you don't miss out on securing a really catchy number for your company. Use our memorable phone number search and find your ideal business phone number today.


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Memorable business phone number advantages

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