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What is a virtual phone number?

What is a virtual phone number?

A virtual phone number is a number that isn’t tied to a physical phone line or device.

You may have come across this term when exploring phone system solutions for your business or home and wondered exactly what it means, and exactly how these phone numbers could be an advantage to your business.

Phone numbers that are independent of any location

While it used to be true that phone numbers had to be tied to a physical location, virtual phone numbers can be used and accessed from anywhere. Plus they work and appear in exactly the same way as phone numbers that are tied to a physical location. There’s no difference, apart from the ease and efficiency that virtual phone numbers bring. This in turn means that there is a great opportunity to get geographic phone numbers for your business no matter where you are based, and all without the need to wait for a physical phone line installation. Not only that but anyone calling your phone numbers from around the world can reach your or even if you’re on the move.

Appear local to callers whatever your location

If you’re an SME, startup or an expanding business, virtual numbers provide a simple and effective means of appearing local to customers. This applies if your callers are in the same town or city as you, or even if they’re in a different country or continent too. Using local phone number on your advertising or website can also help your business attract local customers.

Present professionally when dialling out

Virtual phone numbers will afford you the opportunity to be perceived more professionally. Dialling out from a local, non-geographic or toll-free phone number is more favourable than dialling out with a mobile/cell phone number and can enable trust in your organisation.

Link teams across different locations

Virtual phone numbers also prove versatile when it comes to multi-office businesses and remote working. Without the need to physically be installed in an office, calls to a single phone number can be effortlessly distributed to multiple locations, phones and departments. So instead of incoming calls being to one office only, our cloud-based VoIP phone system and virtual number allow them to be distributed wherever you want them to be.

Track marketing campaigns using virtual phone numbers

Using specific phone numbers for specific advertising campaigns can also prove useful. By funneling calls to dedicated virtual phone numbers you can monitor which traffic is coming from where. Using your call logs within your Yay.com dashboard you can easily work out which campaigns have proved most popular.

Get your ideal phone number today

Getting set up with a virtual phone number is easy. Just pick the plan that’s best for you and your teams, and then choose the phone number you want from our extensive range of local, non-geographic and international numbers. No installation wait times, no hassle.

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