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Cut business costs with VoIP Cloud PBX

Cut business costs with VoIP Cloud PBX

A Cloud PBX (Private Branch Exchange) works in a similar way to a physical PBX system which routes phone calls and allows the sharing of external phone lines via internal phones and extensions.

While a PBX cabinet might typically sit in the corner of an office gathering dust, a Cloud PBX exists virtually, with call routing handled automatically by VoIP through an online control panel.

An increasing number of businesses are realising that a VoIP Cloud PBX is more cost- and space-efficient. Here are just a few ways in which it could save you money.

No need to pay extra for Cloud PBX additional services

Some phone services will charge extra for additional call features such as Call Recorders, Caller ID and Call Forwarding. With a cloud PBX phone system, these features can be included as standard, meaning you don't have to pay an arm and a leg for a professional business phone system.

No maintenance or additional VoIP phones required

A Cloud PBX can work via tablet, desktop computer or VoIP softphone apps, so there is no need to purchase additional hardware. If you do prefer desk phones though, no problem, it works with desktop VoIP handsets too.

As there's no physical VoIP hardware to manage and there's no need for an on-premises PBX, any system updates are easily managed online with added online tech support, so there's no need to book technicians to carry out installations or to pay unnecessary maintenance fees.

International and local VoIP call costs

VoIP will lower the local, EU and international call costs charged by traditional landline. So if your business makes a number of calls both locally and long-distance, VoIP will help your business save significantly

You're not locked into a contract with hosted VoIP

With contract-free unlimited or Pay As You Go VoIP plans, you're not obligated to pay for a year in advance or even 12 monthly payments, which makes for an inexpensive and flexible business phone solution. PAYG VoIP plans can also be handy if your business is seasonal in its nature.

With there's no need to install new phone lines for your business

Because VoIP works via your existing broadband internet connection, you won't need to pay to install additional new phone lines.

These are just some of the ways a VoIP phone solution can reduce your business overheads. If you're a Startup or SMB you'll be able to provide your callers with a professional experience for a fraction of the cost.  Plus, you'll be able to free-up a greater slice of your budget for other marketing activities! Alternatively, if you're a larger enterprise or multi-site business, when new starters join, or old hands move, you can instantly expand or amend your phone extensions, thereby saving on set-up costs and time!

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