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Moving In, Moving Up, Moving Phone Lines

Moving In, Moving Up, Moving Phone Lines

Over the past few weeks, Yay.com HQ undertook it’s 5th office move since it’s original creation! This is not only a testament to the growing interest in Cloud telephony, but also how rapidly we have become the VoIP provider of choice for businesses around the globe.

As our company has moved forward, we’ve incorporated new minds to keep the progression rolling and as a by-product have quickly outgrown our previous office spaces each and every time. Naturally, as with all new additions and changes, there are the necessary steps to be taken to ensure the business productivity doesn't slow down, such as:

  • Office equipment being moved

  • Internet access/amenities all put into place

  • The moving of the phone lines between offices

Moving office phone systems

Moving phone lines made easy

As a VoIP provider, we use our own service and the last point was by far the easiest for us to accommodate. Our customers wouldn't have noticed any downtime or issues with the phone services if they were calling in - simply because there weren’t any.

VoIP phones retain their SIP user information, so once a VoIP phone is plugged back in to the internet they work straight away - no extra configuration, no downtime and no hassle. In other words, you can set them up once and never have to touch them again, no matter how many times you move office.

It’s even easier for those of us that use one of the softphone apps - there was absolutely no change to be made apart from being in a different environment! Once connected to the new network they worked as reliably and at as high a quality as we’ve come to expect from our smartphone and desktop apps - without any issues at all.

Expanding extensions in minutes

Another consideration was increased office space, more specifically, our new meeting rooms. For example, with this new space, we wanted to add additional IP and conference phones to showcase our business telephony for meetings or conference calls.

For most telephony solutions, this would be a long-winded process. Instead, we made use of our auto-provisioning service, whereby we can pre-programme the details of an extension into a phone so all that needs to happen is it gets plugged in. It only needs an internet connection to get going - making setup simple and easy, requiring no special installation!

Previously, moving your business telephony solution from one address to another would be a painstaking process, from moving the existing phone lines and phones across, setting up new ones, putting a temporary divert in place and paying fees with your provider to change location. With our end-to-end business phone solution, your business can move onwards and upwards with as little inconvenience as possible.

Thinking of moving offices, or just moving phone systems or phone lines? Get in touch with our friendly team today, or sample our service and try us for free.

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