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What is UCaaS?

What is UCaaS?


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Quick Summary

We discuss UCaaS, what it is and its place in the future of the business communications industry.

UCaaS stands for Unified Communications as a Service. Historically, a business will have been used to providers offering only one kind of communication as a service. For example, if your business is currently running a powerful VoIP phone system, then your provider offers you VoIP services to handle your internal and external voice communications.

However, the ways in which individuals and businesses communicate are always evolving. In our personal lives, it’s now commonplace to casually use video calling and instant messaging in place of voice calling. In fact, there are now many occasions where one of these feels more appropriate. Compared to these new media, email, SMS and even voice calling are beginning to feel relatively antiquated.

This has brought with it the demand for platforms that bring these methods of communication together and package them as a service for businesses. Video calling, instant messaging and high-quality voice calling are the three primary elements of Unified Communications and are what you should look for from any good unified communications provider.

The Future of Business Communications

Any forward-thinking voice communications or VoIP provider should already be making moves to position themselves as a UCaaS provider. As businesses’ communication needs become increasingly varied, VoIP services alone will find themselves struggling to compete with service providers who offer a wider variety of services.

If necessary, refresh your memory on what VoIP is and why it serves as the foundation for modern business communications systems.

Enterprise-grade chat features provide a secure instant messaging service, giving you and your staff another way to communicate and collaborate no matter where you are. When a phone call feels like overkill, an instant chat message can take its place, capturing more of the seeds of throwaway genius, planting them with a receptive colleague, ready to grow into a revenue-generating idea.

Knowing that instant messaging is taking place on an enterprise-grade platform with, most importantly, the levels of encryption and security you know you want if your staff are to be discussing your business’ intellectual property is bound to give you confidence.

For communication between internal teams, this additional option, in conjunction with tools such as conference bridging, dial-by-extension and all the other features you’ve come to rely on with Yay.com, represents an exciting new medium with which staff can transmit ideas, deadlines and thoughts to colleagues, breaking down the barriers blocking communication and improving the flow of ideas no matter whether staff are working locally or remotely.

Many extant platforms for internal communications do not provide features quite on the level of VoIP phone systems when it comes to handling external calls and vice versa. Microsoft Teams, for example, is perfect for handling internal communications within and between teams, including messaging and video calling, but is underpowered and restrictive when it comes to handling external calls to and from customers and clients. The Yay.com VoIP phone system fills that gap, offering features like call recording, custom audio and call queuing to help you collect data and keep records on your calls whilst offering a pleasant, respectful caller experience.

If the combination of Yay.com and Microsoft Teams sounds interesting, then watch this space as we are very close to bringing our Yay.com Direct Routing integration to the public.

UCaaS, then, is the future of your business communications. From all good VoIP providers, you will begin seeing unified communications features like video calling and chat messaging being released over the next few years as the industry transitions. Be at the forefront of this development by joining Yay.com today; our enterprise-grade chat feature is due for release before the end of September, so watch this space and sign up for your free VoIP trial today.

What is UCaaS?

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Alex - Content Manager at Yay.com


Content Manager at Yay.com

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ISO 27001 Business Continuity Accreditation ISO 22301 Business Continuity Accreditation Cyber Essentials Certificate of Assurance G-Cloud accredited by the Crown Commercial Service