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Win Repeat Customers and Boost Satisfaction Scores with Call Parking

Win Repeat Customers and Boost Satisfaction Scores with Call Parking


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Quick Summary

The call park feature of a voip phone system frees up your phone lines and your agents to handle more calls more efficiently

What is Call Parking?

Call parking is a means of putting down a call without ever really cutting off the callee. You do a similar thing when you put a caller on hold, but call parking has several key benefits.

Firstly, parking a call completely frees up the phone line the call took place on. By extension, the agent who first picked up the call is also freed. This means the line is free to ring again for another caller and the agent is free to pick up that call, reducing wait times for your customers.

Secondly, any agent can pick up a parked call, giving your team a significant agility boost. During busy periods, an agent poorly placed to deal with an enquiry can park the call and, when a more qualified agent becomes available, they can take the call. Meanwhile, the first agent is free to take more calls as soon as they park the call.

Finally, you don’t need a dedicated VoIP desk phone to take advantage of Call Park. With VoIP apps for mobile and desktop, calls can be parked and picked up with any device, from any location. This means even your remote workers can pick up calls parked by an agent working in the office.

What is VoIP?

The experience for the parked caller is exactly the same as being on hold; they’ll hear your designated hold music whilst being held in a call park slot.

Benefits of Call Park

Frees Up Agents

By taking the caller off of the virtual phone line and putting them in Call Park’s holding slots, agents are free to take new calls - for example, while your technical team is solving a problem for one customer, your agent can take another call.

A More Agile Phone System

The Call Park feature gives you and your teams more options when it comes to call handling. With more options available to them, your agents can handle calls more efficiently and more intelligently on the fly.

Increased Productivity

With more agents available, and those that are on calls able to handle those calls more efficiently, the result is increased productivity for your teams.

Improved Caller Experience

Call Park allows users to approximate an attended transfer - even if your VoIP provider doesn’t provide this feature. This can result in a smoother, more enjoyable call experience for your customers as they’re seamlessly passed from one agent to another.

4 benefits of call park infographic

What’s the Link Between Call Park and Call Transfer Features?

Some cloud phone system providers don’t provide an attended transfer feature. If they offer a Call Park function, though, you’ll be able to work around this to achieve the same effect.

By parking a call, your agent is free to call across to a colleague to check with them that they’re free and happy to take the call. This second agent can then pick the call up from the Call Park slot at any time using the shortcode assigned to that particular slot.

Approximating Attended Transfer using Call Park

  1. 1. Dial the shortcode of any call park slot to park the call.
  2. 2. Ring your colleague to check they’re happy to take the call.
  3. 3. Dial the shortcode again to pick up the call.
  4. 4. Tell the customer they’re about to be transferred to your colleague.
  5. 5. Dial the shortcode again to park the call a final time.
  6. 6. Your colleague now dials the shortcode to pick up the call.

Attended transfer complete!

Yay.com features both blind and attended transfers when you place a customer on hold, but with the unique benefits of Call Park, you have even more options than ever before when it comes to offering the best experience possible for both your customers and your staff.

Parking a Call with Yay.com

The process for parking a call with Yay.com is the same for all devices. Whether you’re on an IP phone or the desktop or mobile apps, you’ll use the keypad to input the shortcode associated with the Call Park slot you wish to target. These are set, by default, to *11 through *15 - one for each of the five Call Park slots you’ll have available.

To pick up a parked call, any agent can dial the same shortcode.

If you ever attempt to park a call in an occupied slot, you’ll hear an error message and will have to try the shortcode for the next available slot.

If yours is a very busy business and your teams find themselves using the Call Park feature very often, you’ll have an easier time if you’re using our mobile and desktop apps. Toggle on the option to park a call by long-pressing the hold button; this will automatically slot your caller into the first available Call Park space.

When you park a call for the first time, you’ll see a ‘call ended’ notification. Don’t be alarmed, you haven’t hung up on the caller. This just means that your line is now clear. If you navigate to the Transfers and Call Parking section of the Settings in your Yay.com app, you’ll see which slot the caller is parked in. This is also how you’ll check which Call Park slots are available or, if occupied, which hold particular callers.

Call Park is a VoIP phone system feature that serves a simple opportunity for improving your caller experience. Elevate yourself above the competition and win yourself new and repeat business by joining Yay.com today.

Win Repeat Customers and Boost Satisfaction Scores with Call Parking

Article By

Alex - Content Manager at Yay.com


Content Manager at Yay.com

ISO 27001 Business Continuity Accreditation ISO 22301 Business Continuity Accreditation Cyber Essentials Certificate of Assurance G-Cloud accredited by the Crown Commercial Service
ISO 27001 Business Continuity Accreditation ISO 22301 Business Continuity Accreditation Cyber Essentials Certificate of Assurance G-Cloud accredited by the Crown Commercial Service